Bandra, oh Bandra.

Bandra will always be my beloved. It released the shy south Indian in me, and let me be just what I want to be.. tattooed, curly-wild mane, shorts and androgenous looks:)  I remember once I ticked off a guy for jumping queue in the very back-of-beyond suburb Kandivli east where I lived in a state […]

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Ode to the disappearing restaurants in Bandra.

This is the carry bag for Bong Bong. From just a plastic cover, we are happy to note its evolution, speaking of some spunk. Bong Bong, the very elegant Bengali food joint, is on 16th Road. And it started as a little smoky joint near Toto’s garage pub.. a small takeaway  with some oily rolls. But […]

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Tapori Bandra, performs street plays across the city to spread awareness about issues that matter.

Article source A 20-member strong group of youngsters, Tapori Bandra, performs street plays across the city to spread awareness about issues that matter. Members of the group, all residents of various slums in Bandra, are in the age group of 14 and 24 years. The team members met each other for the first time at […]

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Mumbai’s Khar Station Turns 90.

News Source : NDTV The Khar station on Mumbai’s suburban rail network, which became operational on July 1, 1924, as part of Western Railway’s plan to decongest and serve as an extension of the Bandra suburb, turned 90 on Tuesday.Thanks to the growing urbanisation and the pressures of a burgeoning population, Khar has today developed an […]

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Kavita Singh Interiors is a store that offers a fabulous fusion of luxurious and contemporary furniture and accessories.

Article originally published in Glamour, ethnicity, creativity and luxury all come together under one roof at this store on Turner Road, Bandra. Tucked away among the luxury jewellery stores lining this street is this gorgeous gem of a store by Interior Designer Kavita Singh and daughter Nandini, both prominent collectors of Indian art with a […]

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A virtual walk through Waroda road and Chapel Road.

Waroda road and Chapel road are interesting roads to walk, with hipster and Bollywood graffiti’s there is certain charm about these roads. So far there doesn’t seem to be any gentrification here and so major redevelopment of high rises have come, perhaps due to the nature of these houses, it doesn’t seem to be redevelopment […]

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Himalayan Singing bowl meditation, for the first time in Mumbai.

WHAT THIS TECHNIQUE IS ALL ABOUT: This is an ancient technique common to the entire Himalayan belt and South eastern culture (including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal though the material used in the bowls, and the techniques, may vary). Today however it is more commonly referred to as the Tibetan singing bowl meditation. It is an […]

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Garage 52 to offer motorcycle service, customs, tours and more.

The article was originally published here Hidden in a small lane at the edge of Bandra in the Chuim Village is a new establishment called Garage 52, the Moto Collective. Garage 52 intends to be a space where you can have your motorcycle fixed, turned into a custom, rent a workbench for a spot of […]

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Theme Music Institute.

 Theme Music Institutes Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2000 with a vision of providing end-to-end western music education programs in India. Since then it has established a reputation of providing the Best Music Learning Models, course materials from the world’s largest music publishers, Alfred’s Music Publishing USA and Music Examinations by the London College of Music […]

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F2 Fitness : Witness the Power of Fitness.

Written by Sidhhant Kapai from Bandra Buzz. Alan Thickie once said “fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously tend to avoid it”. Some people tend to find the gym extremely monotonous and boring. F2 fitness was created for people just like me who tend to feel lost in a gym. […]

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My Review of Jiwa experience roti wraps.

Yesterday I read on Mumbai Boss that the Jiwa roti wraps were dry. So I got excited, I prefer dry wraps verses the oil laden wraps. So I decide to check it. I met Aditi Goel from who was visibility a bit nervous because she has designed the food for Jiwa over Mumbai Boss […]

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