Meet Editor & Publisher Mr. Clarence Gomes of Bandra Times

I love the Bazaar Road market lane, and have walked the lane a thousand times, on this path you can’t help but notice a beautiful 148-year-old house marked “Bandra Times”. What really can put a smile on your face is the Bandra times message blackboard, where they have a satire message written by hand. Its […]

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Is #socialoffline the best Co-working Space?

The problem with coffee shops like Starbucks is, that, first you have to buy that coffee, I dont think, we freelancers go to Starbucks for coffee, plus the menu options are uninspiring. Also, surprisingly they haven’t done anything to bring out a special card for freelancers, which might help us avoid buying that mandatory coffee. […]

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Shoma Kaikini’s Nrityanidhi – Spiritual Exuberance Through Dance

Nrityanidhi isn’t a just a two hour slot in the routine of a dancer’s life… it isn’t an institution which just teaches movement… it isn’t a place which just makes dancers… it envisions more… much more… as it aims to open up the world of dance on a complete holistic… larger than life level… capturing […]

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