New menu at Tuskers-01

New Menu at Tuskers

Revamped and re-energized, our Vegetarian Dining Bar – Tuskers, is all set with a new menu this month! With innovative delicacies like Palak Anardane Ke Kebab (fresh pomegranate seed and curd stuffed spinach cake), Kanji Wada (dumpling of white split lentil soaked in mustard flavoured liquid), Anjeer Pan Ke Kofte (cottage cheese dumpling filled with […]

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An Interview With Bandra’s Beggar Poet.

We all lead life which more or less conforms to the expectations the society has from us. But what about people who stand out and pursue what their heart tells them and not what society expects them. It is said, Meditation is the single minded pursuit of what your heart desires. Here is a interesting […]

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Haul – linking road + bargain tips

I have often wondered what are the prices of the accessories and clothes which sell at Linking Road and Hill road, and why it is such a hit. After watching this video by Pune Youtuber, I can certainly say the hawkers are here to stay with this super cheap prices and the latest fashion trends […]

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A pencil sketch of Bandra railway station on railway from WR archives

Wow! This is the most beautiful sketch of Bandra Station from WR archives. Would love to know more about this sketch, when was it done and what year was it done?  The original tweet A pencil sketch of #Bandra railway station on #Mumbai railway from WR archives — Rajendra B. Aklekar (@rajtoday) March 20, […]

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Ode to Bandra by Rashmi Hemrajani.

The roads have a faded sheer Its grandeur lost somewhere On the roads laden with blocks Music blasts from many pubs In the voices of the men As they disrespect women A sense of hollowness and uncertainty Is alarmingly Bandraites were warm They wanted to know your aunt’s cousin Now the ignorance Of the neighbor’s […]

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