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Starkids Speech and Creative Drama Academy

Starkids is a Speech And Creative Drama Academy for children aged 4 to 13 years. At Starkids we work on a child’s confidence, diction, clarity, vocabulary, voice projection, voice modulation, creativity, team-work skills, individuality, imagination, social skills through various fun theatre games in a non- threatening atmosphere. The classes are fast- paced and fun and […]

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Live from the Console

There is an active scene for music in the pub/resto-bar space. But music as a community activity and generation of new audiences for local talent remains a bit of challenge. ‘Live from The Console’ at Rowson’s Reserve Smooth Spaces is the answer to that challenge. ‘Live from The Console’: is a coming together of fresh […]

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Celebrated Director Baz Luhrmann Painted a wall at bandra’s Le Sutra.

“Le Sutra – The World’s First Indian Art Hotel” have always associated with Art & Indian Philosophy in our every Endeavour. They extended an Art Gesture between Australia & India, when celebrated Director Baz Luhrmann of Moulin Rouge, Australia & The recently released “The Great Gatsby” fame, along with Australia’s People’s Choice Artist Vincent Fantauzzo, […]

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Ritambhara Sahni’s Institute for the Performing Arts.

The Ritambhara Sahni’s Institute For The Performing Arts [RSIPA- pronounced as RISPA] since 1996 launched by Ritambhara Sahni Her dance shows  popularly known as ‘Footloose’ earlier are now known as ‘June Hip Hop’ and ‘December Hip Hop’ which happen respectively in ‘June’ and ‘December’. The dance styles done at RSIPA are Urban Hip Hop[Popping, locking, […]

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The Bandra Base

The Bandra Base is the first-of-its-kind culture club in Bombay. A home base to create and incubate a community of artists to lead the next wave of fresh ideas and innovation in music, dance, theater, film, and new mixed media arts, organically grown out of Bandra. Created by Whistling Woods and WeThePPL, the Base offers […]

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The Art Loft

  – Leila and Kevin Tayebaly-Founders Life in Mumbai can be hectic, fast paced and soul constraining. It is in creative pursuits that one can truly break all boundaries and explore a whole new world. Inside each one of us, are artistically bent passions and hobbies, which are waiting to be cultivated. We all look […]

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Nush Lewis – Bandra based harpist.

For quite a long time, for most of us Indian’s music began and ended with Bollywood. The sound, or rather noise, of Bollywood drowned out everything else. Even today, all day long, through the Television and Radio we are constantly bombarded with Bollywood music. However, now we have a large chunk of population that is […]

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The Bandra Project.

‘Queen of the Suburbs’, that’s how the suburb of Bandra is described, and rightly so! Everyone loves this suburb. It is the symbol of Mumbai’s cosmopolitan lifestyle. From the energetic nightlife, the seafronts of Bandstand and Carters Road and the celebrities, we are in awe of everything that Bandra has to offer. There’s so much […]

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