Meet Editor & Publisher Mr. Clarence Gomes of Bandra Times

I love the Bazaar Road market lane, and have walked the lane a thousand times, on this path you can’t help but notice a beautiful 148-year-old house marked “Bandra Times”. What really can put a smile on your face is the Bandra times message blackboard, where they have a satire message written by hand. Its […]

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Ode to Bandra by Rashmi Hemrajani.

The roads have a faded sheer Its grandeur lost somewhere On the roads laden with blocks Music blasts from many pubs In the voices of the men As they disrespect women A sense of hollowness and uncertainty Is alarmingly Bandraites were warm They wanted to know your aunt’s cousin Now the ignorance Of the neighbor’s […]

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One of the best written articles i have read, talking about old bandra, and talking about chuim village of yesteryears in minute details. Here is reproducing the article with all due credits to the author of this website CHUIM was really a small village in the 1940’s. Perhaps 70 houses in all. I remember […]

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Bandra’s Elvis aka Siddharth Meghani

Meghani, an event photographer from Bandra, is perhaps India's only Elvis Presley impersonator. Unlike the stylish Cadillac owning rock-and-roll king though, Meghani conducts his lifestyle in a Maruti Swift. Born to a Gujarati father and a Malayalee mother, he clicks photos at weddings where he sometimes obliges requests for mushy numbers like 'My Way'. For […]

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Damian Christmas Window December 2014.

 Content Source : One of the most decorative and dedicated store-front displays spread across a length of approx. 25ft for 45 years now. With the spirit of ‘loving n giving’ at the helm of Christmas and New Year, traditional montages of the birth of Christ, the Three Kings, the Christmas Tree with its gifts, Ivy, Holly […]

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