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The grand old bird man of India Dr. Salim Ali’s Pali Hill Bungalow before it was pulled down.

This beauitful old bungalow picture was tweeted by Mr. Mahadkar, which made me look up Dr. Salim Ali. Pali Hill had one of India’s greatest orinthologists, Salim Ali, living there in this bungalow and was known to walk around Pali Hill with his binoculars and a notebook taking notes and listening to or making bird […]

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The production line.

How bottle masala made by East Indians of Bandra makes any dish taste good.

I don’t think I could have had a better introduction to bottle masala. I was working in advertising and one of my friends from work, Rajesh, invited me for lunch. He had just moved into a paying guest room in Mumbai’s Bandra neighbourhood and had acquired one of those small gas burners. He said his […]

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Interview with bandra/khar resident and Lawyer/Activist/Vigilant citizen Trivankumar Karnani.

I have been following Trivan on twitter and was impressed by this young guy who is an amazingly vigilant citizen. He interacts on various citizen journalist platforms and actively follows up on social causes. Here is short interview with Trivan who generally prefers his work to do the talking , but has obliged me with […]

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