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Bandra Bruh

By Biswaroop CarrWhether it’s an old lady’s unfulfilled Mannat or a security guard of the Galaxy, Bandra has always been versatile. The ‘15 Rupay ka ek lights’ vaala sits on the cylindrical Shiv Ling shaped barricade of Bandstand, scraping off the last strand of Chicken stuck between his teeth.A close spectator is the regular, fair, […]

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A light by the raging fire – Fire at Bazaar Road.

The following blogpost was written by Ivan and is republished with his permission from Bandra, Queen of the Suburbs The queen of suburbs, Bandra, is noted for its goathon land (government authorities give it “village status”) in the bazaar, where structures exist or co-exist cheek by jowl. They are “streets apart” from the neighbouring plush […]

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Bandra, oh Bandra.

Bandra will always be my beloved. It released the shy south Indian in me, and let me be just what I want to be.. tattooed, curly-wild mane, shorts and androgenous looks:)  I remember once I ticked off a guy for jumping queue in the very back-of-beyond suburb Kandivli east where I lived in a state […]

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