Shoma Kaikini’s Nrityanidhi – Spiritual Exuberance Through Dance

Nrityanidhi isn’t a just a two hour slot in the routine of a dancer’s life… it isn’t an institution which just teaches movement… it isn’t a place which just makes dancers… it envisions more… much more… as it aims to open up the world of dance on a complete holistic… larger than life level… capturing […]

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Finding Trusted Services Was Never This Easy – UrbanClap!

Finding Trusted Services Was Never This Easy – UrbanClap! What do you do when you need to plan a wedding, join a yoga class, or find a tax consultant? Well, you can either call your friends, ask google when that fails, speak to 15 different people, and end up hiring no one. Or you can […]

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How do Bandra Gyms Compare?

Weight lifting and Cardio exercises dont appeal to me now, I am not over weight at all, and dont crave for a muscular body. But still in my curiosity to find out why people are so addicted to Gymming in bandra. I ventured out and actually thought if the Gym inspires me I might join […]

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Sunrise Clinic & Diagnostics Center.

Good health is one of the key parameters to a contended life. In world driven by economics, businesses & parties – people seldom tend to ignore the nuances of health. Symptoms are often scattered in nature, many a time going un-noticed until calamity strikes. No doubt, many of you are insured, that takes care of […]

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Visit Fast Forward – The Dance Studio and give yourself a Chance to Dance!!!

Fast Forward – The Dance Studio was born in 2006 with an idea of using Dance to de-stress people and build their immunity levels. From a modest studio in Lokhandwala it has now grown into a well-known Dance Studio across Mumbai. We conduct Fast Forward courses from across Mumbai including South Mumbai Locations: Powai, Andheri, […]

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Changing looks Cosmetic Surgery Centre Changing Looks Cosmetic Surgery Centre has been established since 1987, in the heart of Mumbai to enhance your looks with art and science of surgical sculpting. It works for the betterment of your overall appearance. Just step into Changing Looks Cosmetic Surgery Centre and get an idea how enhancement in your appearance can change […]

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Capoeira – Martial Art classes conducted by Sucuri.

Bandra witnesses a social and an extremely fun way to stay fit and healthy with Capoeira – an Afro Brazilian martial art. Combining elements of dance, martial arts, acrobatics, and music, Capoeira is unlike any other martial art. Capoeira believes in “play” rather than “fight”. It involves a combination of animal movements, kicks, escapes, and […]

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Yoga Kuteer: undiluted, pure, tough yoga.

Yoga for the purists: At Yoga Kuteer, the ancient science is taught in its undiluted, purest form.  You learn the classical poses rarely taught in other classes:  headstand (sirsasana), crane pose (bakasana), scorpion (vrischikasana) and many other super-advanced, exotic poses.  Poster-perfect poses that you learn here include mayurasana (peacock), nirlamba sirsasana (unsupported headstand), many versions […]

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Himalayan Singing bowl meditation, for the first time in Mumbai.

WHAT THIS TECHNIQUE IS ALL ABOUT: This is an ancient technique common to the entire Himalayan belt and South eastern culture (including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal though the material used in the bowls, and the techniques, may vary). Today however it is more commonly referred to as the Tibetan singing bowl meditation. It is an […]

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