Finding Trusted Services Was Never This Easy – UrbanClap!

Finding Trusted Services Was Never This Easy – UrbanClap! What do you do when you need to plan a wedding, join a yoga class, or find a tax consultant? Well, you can either call your friends, ask google when that fails, speak to 15 different people, and end up hiring no one. Or you can […]

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Yoga Kuteer: undiluted, pure, tough yoga.

Yoga for the purists: At Yoga Kuteer, the ancient science is taught in its undiluted, purest form.  You learn the classical poses rarely taught in other classes:  headstand (sirsasana), crane pose (bakasana), scorpion (vrischikasana) and many other super-advanced, exotic poses.  Poster-perfect poses that you learn here include mayurasana (peacock), nirlamba sirsasana (unsupported headstand), many versions […]

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Himalayan Singing bowl meditation, for the first time in Mumbai.

WHAT THIS TECHNIQUE IS ALL ABOUT: This is an ancient technique common to the entire Himalayan belt and South eastern culture (including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal though the material used in the bowls, and the techniques, may vary). Today however it is more commonly referred to as the Tibetan singing bowl meditation. It is an […]

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Mindfulness Yoga at The Retreat House.

Combining vipassana meditative techniques with classical yoga aimed to cultivate mindfulness by integrating body, mind and breath. About the facilitator: Keshav has been trained in satipatthana vipassana (insight meditation through mindfulness) in the lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma and is a certified yoga instructor from The Yoga Institute, Santacruz. Venue: The Retreat House. 6 Kane Road. Bandstand. Bandra […]

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The Retreat House

The Retreat House, Bandra, a centre for wholeness, inspires ‘contemplatives in action’ to co-create fullness of life for all offering spiritual exercises, retreats, courses for holistic human development, spiritual direction, empowerment and peace At a time of escalating violence and tension there is also an intense quest for peace worldwide. People are seeking for spiritual […]

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Heal with SEVEN

Seven is a holistic healing centre started by Priyanka Bakhru Talwar & Darpan Kaur Rajwal. It combines various healing techniques – metaphysical, energy and cognitive – to heal the mind, body and soul. The modalities are fluid and seamlessly integrated. We practice hypnotherapy, chakra healing, past life regression, meditation, crystal therapy, counseling and reiki. We […]

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PHYSIOHEALTH – Pain Management and Performance Enhancement

If you are looking for a physiotherapy and rehabilition centre in Khar, it is PHYSIOHEALTH. Managed by Dr. Prakkash R. Sharoff who is the Director PHYSIOHEALTH Pain Management and Performance Enhancement and Lead Instructor for PHYSIOHEALTH Research and Training Institute, PHYSIOHEALTH provides treatment for the following: Headache Neck and Back Pain Muscle ache Ligament strain […]

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Yogācāra Healing Arts, the beautiful seaside wellness studio at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai started by Yoga Exponent and Teacher Radhika Vachani in 2010, now expands to open a first of its kind Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Center in Bandra, off Carter Road. Yogācāraoffers holistic healing solutions guided by the ancient disciplines of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda andPanchakarma treatments to suit a modern world.  The serenity of […]

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