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Lifeless Style the Modern day Malady

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We all feel that life should be about possibilities, opportunities, hope and creativity. But, many of us do not experience life in this manner.

Fear of ill-health, worry about money, insecurity of future, frustration in relationships, discontent due to unfulfilled careers, failure despite talent and passion, concerns regarding children’s health, safety and survival in the ever-changing competitive world – we just seem to be running all the time, fixing something or the other in our life. Some run for inner peace, some for love; some chase happiness and some seek hope. We struggle to know – Why is our life always rid with problems? Despite doing everything right, why don’t right things happen to us? Despite taking care of our health, why are we afflicted with degenerative conditions in our body and mind? Despite adopting various lifestyles, why don’t we feel a sense of well being? Is something missing?

One wonders – Can life be inherently joyful in today’s world? Can we experience authentic relationships ever? Can we really find hope for intricate health issues? Can we ever feel completely free within? How would that experience be?

Somehow, our lifestyles are no longer adding value to the experience of our life nor are they leading us to answers. Questions aplenty, answers eluding, many a time life becomes a problem to solve rather than an experience to live.

Aashwasan ScienceTM offers a different perspective of life and a unique approach to demystify the questions of life. Brought forth by the world renowned spiritual scientist, social innovator and inventor, Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa, this science encompasses the mechanisms of all life forms, understands the root cause of all unknown – be it a disease, situations of life, relationships or not knowing one’s self at all. She created Aashwasan, a space that has an answer beyond religion, belief, faith, logic and philosophy to offer life transforming solutions.

Unprecedented breakthroughs have been brought in 29 areas of health and well being including Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Cancer, Down syndrome, Schizophrenia, Depression, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Addictions, Cardiovascular conditions, many untreatable and critical conditions of life. Profound journeys have unfolded as people experienced fulfilling relationships, family harmony and clarity in career. Organizations have found hope at productivity, performance, organization and employee health and happiness level.

To share deeper insights into life and offer life-transforming solutions, we conduct events, individual services, customized retreats and workshops.

Reach us @ +919731301018/20; Email: info@aashwasan.com


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