Pictures of the newly opened Gangsta Bar.

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“Gangsta’s” a new a hospitality venture by Aallia Hospitality pvt Ltd, is situated in the heart of the Mumbai in the vibrant suburb of Bandra. Its main appeal is its New York Bars inpired glitzy yet grungy interiors . It reeks of a very edgy ambiance which would be appealing to the international as well as the cities local occupants.
The venue’s main aim is to pamper its clientele’s ego & to make them feel comfortable within the venu’s premises.
The Gangsta’s Bar challenges itself to be different from most other bars in its vicinity. It promises of having the best brands in the industry & a positive vibe that is to live for.
The food at the venue is mainly food for the soul. Just the right ingredients making up a mouth watering multi cuisine menu.

The venue will be a delight to people looking to relax after hours & for those who would like to be a part of the most talked about social circles. Gangsta’s also has an upper level called “Up Yours” which will be a heaven for social fun, frolick and Mischief. An arena for social activity, this 7000 sq ft, working man’s den, will surely be one of the most talked about places for the many years to come.


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