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Damian Christmas Window December 2014.

 Content Source : One of the most decorative and dedicated store-front displays spread across a length of approx. 25ft for 45 years now. With the spirit of ‘loving n giving’ at the helm of Christmas and New Year, traditional montages of the birth of Christ, the Three Kings, the Christmas Tree with its gifts, Ivy, Holly […]

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Capoeira – Martial Art classes conducted by Sucuri.

Bandra witnesses a social and an extremely fun way to stay fit and healthy with Capoeira – an Afro Brazilian martial art. Combining elements of dance, martial arts, acrobatics, and music, Capoeira is unlike any other martial art. Capoeira believes in “play” rather than “fight”. It involves a combination of animal movements, kicks, escapes, and […]

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Review of Ground zero at Cest La Vie.

Finally a bar where I can go and chill out. So what’s different about this place.? Chairs/sofa’s !! I have a thing for comfortable seatings, maybe it’s because of my impoverished childhood or some fetish. But the sofa’s and the chairs are really comfy here, its like sitting in your living room! Drinks– I had […]

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MAMAGOTO reviewed by @farudaru

MAMAGOTO, such a fun name don’t you think? And the fun & kitsch doesn’t just end there, the beautiful Japanese style paintings on the walls and a glass full of tigers all over add pizzaz to the place. The seating is very comfortable and cozy, though the AC could do with a few degrees higher […]

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