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Changing looks Cosmetic Surgery Centre Changing Looks Cosmetic Surgery Centre has been established since 1987, in the heart of Mumbai to enhance your looks with art and science of surgical sculpting. It works for the betterment of your overall appearance. Just step into Changing Looks Cosmetic Surgery Centre and get an idea how enhancement in your appearance can change […]

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Yoga Kuteer: undiluted, pure, tough yoga.

Yoga for the purists: At Yoga Kuteer, the ancient science is taught in its undiluted, purest form.  You learn the classical poses rarely taught in other classes:  headstand (sirsasana), crane pose (bakasana), scorpion (vrischikasana) and many other super-advanced, exotic poses.  Poster-perfect poses that you learn here include mayurasana (peacock), nirlamba sirsasana (unsupported headstand), many versions […]

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Himalayan Singing bowl meditation, for the first time in Mumbai.

WHAT THIS TECHNIQUE IS ALL ABOUT: This is an ancient technique common to the entire Himalayan belt and South eastern culture (including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal though the material used in the bowls, and the techniques, may vary). Today however it is more commonly referred to as the Tibetan singing bowl meditation. It is an […]

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choko la 1

Choko la

Choko la (it is believed that the word chocolate is derived from the Mayan verb choko la’j, pronounced Choko la, which means, “to drink chocolate together.”) is a celebration of the universally loved food, to be enjoyed in the company of family and friends. Choko la is all about Pure chocolate, its universal appeal as […]

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toon 1

Toon Touch

Be it a Birthday present, or a child’s party favour. Be it a homecoming gift, or an anniversary gift. Now who doesn’t like their name on everything that’s theirs. The same thought founded Toon Touch. From personalising towels to now customising bags and home décor, we have had a beautiful journey with beautiful faces having […]

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peepul 3

Peepul Style

With an established track record for re-inventing brands, we know how to effectively launch a new collection, enhance corporate visibility, maximize coverage and accelerate your sales cycle. We get it. From creative concepts and planning, to production and execution, we handle the details to ensure that you receive maximum visibility. Our strength lies in our […]

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Build the right relationship with food, reach your goal weight and fight disease with Pooja Makhija at NOURISH.

NOURISH – It is something most of us forget. Or take for granted. Lost in the crazy merry-go-round we call life, many of us forget that food is not something to be feared, worshipped or abused. What you eat is what you are and it cannot be overemphasised how the food you give (your one […]

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Advanced Hair Studio

Started in 1970s in the United States of America, Advanced Hair Studio (AHS) today is a 2.4 billion dollar company renowned across the world for the best infrastructure with state of art facilities in Hair Replacement and Hair re-growth industry. AHS launched its operation’s in India in 2008 and offers the same facilities, experience to […]

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vinegar 4

Vinegar Fashion India and g Cafe

Vinegar is a high fashion brand for women, which aspire for every woman in the world to be ‘unboring’, by strictly creating designs and styles that are imaginative, truly inspired and arguably radical. We create distinct, memorable fashion statements that go against all conventional and orthodox norms of fashion design. The Vinegar creation is made-up […]

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jodhaa 2

Jodhaa Furnishings

Jodhaa is a classic soft furnishing Collection and we carry in our range hand crafted products produced by artisans all over India. Each product from our collection highlights the creativity and talent of the Indian artisan and we are sure that you will be as pleased to have them in your homes as we are […]

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Bonobo (Bar.Love.Food)

After a brief hiatus of 5 months , bonobo is back.  Enjoy a gourmet, al fresco dining experience along with signature cocktails far above the busy streets of Bandra! With an expansive menu offering myriad options from piquant prawns and calamari to hotdogs, nachos, smoked scamorza cheese in ‘a carriage’ with hearty marinara and crispy fried […]

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