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art loft2[quote]“From the rich nature and cross cultural environment of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean that nurtured our childhood creativity to the cosmopolitan cities of London, Paris, Rome that exposed us to art in our daily lives, and to megalopolis like Beijing and Mumbai that shook our minds, and brought to us different realities, our road has been filled with contrasting images of the world. Through our journey, we realized that Art is the most widely spoken language in the world, a universal language that reaches our hearts before our minds.”[/quote]

– Leila and Kevin Tayebaly-Founders

Life in Mumbai can be hectic, fast paced and soul constraining. It is in creative pursuits that one can truly break all boundaries and explore a whole new world. Inside each one of us, are artistically bent passions and hobbies, which are waiting to be cultivated.

We all look for more space to speak this language in the midst of our tough city lives. In May 2010, we created a collective dream, a space dedicated to art awareness and art education called The Art Loft.

The Art Loft is an alternative reality, a cultural and wellness center where you can explore your artistic side in everyday life through various programs from beginners to advanced art enthusiasts. A unique 700 square feet area, this space is to unwind, and can be transformed by a theme based decor customized for you. From birthdays to private screenings of movies or a family get together for a post wedding pictures and videos viewing, this space is ideal for up to 30 people.

In the Art Loft:

Art Labs:

The Art Lab’s aim is to connect creative minds together with a unique platform where artists and other art stakeholders will meet, share, brainstorm and collaborate in a structured and stimulating professional environment.

This is a space where you’ll get a unique opportunity to share your knowledge, meet other artists and work on great projects.

One of our first milestones as an Art hub was the creation of The Art Conspiracy in Bandra West, Mumbai in October 2010. This festival linked 16 benchmark venues depicting Bandra’s urban life with hundreds of professional artists and amateurs plotting the first public art revolution in the northern suburbs of Mumbai city.


Sharing a table with 3 other people, in a cosy atmosphere, each individual gets his customized assignment. There is no pre-established art program to follow; we design the program that is adapted to you, your artistic level and your requirements which include


If you are looking for a way to get to know yourself better, improve certain aspects of your life or if you would just like to bring balance to your personality.

If you are just curious to try something new.

If you are looking for new orientations, directions, or if you are at a turning point.

art loft1

Artistic level:

If you are seeking to re-discover your creativity and awaken the artist within.

If you feel blocked and unable to express your artistic talent.

If you want to understand your own work or are looking for technical expertise (for instance, re-introduction of light in your work)


If you wish to overcome daily obstacles such as impatience, panic, asthma, discomfort, phobias, unhappiness and discontent on paper. This method can be used specifically on its own or as an adjunct to psychological therapy and medical treatment to redirect pathology, heal trauma, teach you how to let go of fear, and listen to and trust the healer within you.

Our promise:

We offer Art for your

  • Top executives
  • Office
  • Teams
  • Brands
  • Clients

Through SAYITINCOLOR, our powerful corporate training and development curriculum for office executives, we vouch for CHANGE IN A STRESS FREE environment. Our transformation tools will ensure a rise in not just the success levels of your company as a whole but also of each and every individual.

We offer a NEUTRAL and UNIVERSAL platform to witness your transformation towards success.

Our art is all-terrain, whether at our doorstep or on our walls… Art is our story. It says it all about us and gets us to explore what we are yet to become.

[quote] Join The Art Loft, and plant art all the way, for there is so much to explore in just one day. [/quote] [box]

The Art Loft

Valentino Rest 1st Floor

(Above Patel Store)

Near Mehboob Studios,


MUMBAI – 400050


Mon-Sat 10-7pm/Sun 11-7pm

Phone: +91 – 9930483966

Email:  contact@theartloft.co.in

Website: http://www.theartloft.co.in/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/THEARTLOFT


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