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The Pint Room is a chain of cafes that showcases the widest range of ales and lagers available in India. From Belgian Trappist Ale and Irish Stout to English Cask Ale and Witbier on tap, there is sure to be a beer you haven’t tried before.

With its bright cafe-style ambience. The Pint Room celebrates friends, conversation and fine beer. It’s a refreshing stop for a meeting or leisurely beer by day and a relaxed alternative to the loud, dimly-lit nightife scene. It adds a fresh twist to both, enjoying beer and going out.

We love people, all kinds of people, and the stories they have to share. And we love beer, for its history and craft, and for the way it brings people together, saying, “Everyone’s welcome.”

It all started with Pradeep Gidwani, founder of The Pint Room, realising that there were hardly any places where one could just stop-by and meet a friend or colleague over a good beer without having conversation killed by loud music or dim lights.  It was that or the coffee-shop. People wanting to catch-up didn’t have enough choice.

As former head of Carlsberg and Foster’s in India, he also knew that there was much more to beer than the uniform lager people associate with Sunday afternoons and pub-haunts.

He set about creating a space that welcomed everyone and at any time of day. A place that was as bright, cheerful and warm as the interactions that took place within it.

With his knowledge of beer, he put together a selection of brews from around the world. Each beer had a story to tell.

The Pint Room, first opened in Delhi on a cold day in 2010. By the end of the week, people were already braving the winter fog to meet friends and colleagues in this warm, bright cocoon. Delhi had never experienced beer like this.

The cheer kept spreading and The Pint Room opened in Mumbai in July 2012.

The Pint Room at Linking Road, Bandra is a cosy, friendly place to grab a few beers with a friend or take a break between meetings. Beer Buddy Jiggna Shah has stories to share about each beer and would be happy to recommend an ale or lager that you haven’t tried before. With over 40 beers to choose from, there’s no reason to rush. Settle down and enjoy your time at The Pint Room. Cheers.

The pint roomThe Pint Room Bandra

The Great Punjab, 266 Linking Road,

Bandra W,

Mumbai 400050

+91 22 65250009

Opening hours:  Noon to midnight.


Facebook page:


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