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Sanjeev Chadha’s passion for fitness and bodybuilding has been on simmer for a long time but in recent years it has ignited and subsumed him. The accolades have been varied and many: Mr. India, in the Master’s category for three years in a row from 2009 to 2011.4th at the Asian Championships held in Bahrain, 12th in the World Championships in Poland and a lot more. Enough for the average Joe to hang up his boots. But instead, Sanjeev decided to set up a game-changer gym.

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Why “the red gym”?

“Passion and perfection are too precious to be managed by others. I was terribly disappointed that all the much-touted gyms would not permit me to train with my personal instructor: the only person who knew my body,mind and motivations as well I did or perhaps better. Why would I entrust my passion to a stranger, especially someone whose interests were mostly about many and money than me”.

“So I decided on the “Twogether” concept gym. You just can’t join ‘the red gym’ without a personal trainer. If you are new to fitness training and bodybuilding, we will source a trainer best suited to your needs.And if you have been training earlier ensure your collaborator always accompanies you. Simple but satisfying and very efficient for the client.”



The Red Gym,

Red Palm Residency,

Guru Gobind Singh Marg,

Near Khar Railway Station,

Khar West,

Mumbai – 400 052

Tel: +91- 22 – 61735800 to 61735899


Facebook page:


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