Bandra Info

Connecting you back to your neighbours.

Our Mission

Bandra info wants to connect you to your neighbours. We think that due to globalisation and social media, there has been an epidemic of loneliness that has been leashed and the only way to reclaim your life back is to get to know your neighbours.

A Neighbourly Hi!

It is proven that just a simple neighbourly "Hi" can reduce the harmful effects of loneliness and it is the most potent way to curb the isolating effects of social media.

We want to make community living possible. We want to use online forums to get people to meet offline.

We want the residents to learn about the history and heritage of Bandra.

Our values

We believe a lively culture will have transformative gifts as a general feature – it will have groups like AA which address specific problems, it will have methods of passing knowledge from old to young, it will have spiritual teachings available at all levels of maturation and for the birth of the spiritual self. And it will have artists whose creations are gifts for the transformation of the race.

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