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13 places in Bandra west for meals under 101 Rupees.

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Assad Dadan is our Guest Blogger; he blogs at Medium & Rare; this blog post was first published here

Wandering the streets of Bandra since early college days and then residing there for a brief period, trust my cerebral matter to pinpoint a location better than Google Maps when asked for a culinary spot inside of this part of suburbs. Roaming its streets from the crack of dawn to the late night scouting, I’ve experienced many places that offer cuisines from around the world and the clock to even eating on the trunk of the car after a late night exit from the Shack. This is one part of the city that offers lip-smacking meals from 15 to 1500 bucks at an ordinary stall to a posh restaurant.

Visit Medium & RareSo there are days when I go illiberal, and Gandhiji hesitates to come out of the wallet. The target in such cases has been to locate decent places offering value for money food and under 101 bucks (Because under 100 bucks is too mainstream !)

Here’s that list of eateries/stalls in Bandra West that offer a brilliant fare and makes you feel content for an under 101 bucks experience.

  1. Kheema Pav (56/-) & their trademark chai (20/-) at Goodluck, Mehboob Studio roundabout.
  2. Chicken Shawarma (80/-) at Marinate, Hill Road opp Archies.
  3. Chicken Burger from Hearsch Bakery, Hill Road (70/-)
  4. Chicken Burger from A1 Bakery, Hill Road (50/-)
  5. Missal Pav (40/-) at Patil’s, small eatery adjacent to Gaiety Galaxy Multiplex.
  6. Burji with Malbari Parotha (70/-) at Hotel Apsara, 33rd Road next to Bru Cafe.
  7. Club Sandwich (50/-) & Sunflower Sandwich (80/-) from Candies.
  8. Momos (80/- onwards) from Kepchaki Momos, Carter Road.
  9. Chicken Biryani (100/-) from Jeff Caterers, Bazaar Road.
  10. Chicken Biryani (90/-) from Islamiya Caterers, Bazaar Road.
  11. Beef Chilly Burger(100/-) from Cheron, Hill Road.
  12. Garlic Roast Chicken Sandwich (50/-) from American Express Bakery.
  13. Puri Bhaji plate (15/-) from Annapurna kitchen, Chimbai Road
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  1. Avatar


    April 12, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    What about National Hotel near the station? Great food cooked over wood, and meals under 100/- easily possible. Personally though I’d go to Cafe D’lite on Hill Road, get 3 bun maska and 3 cups of chai and still have Rs. 14 change from the budget of 101… 🙂


    • Assad


      April 15, 2016 at 12:41 pm

      Hey Philip, You’re right. National and Delight do need to be added to that list. This blog was posted a year ago and it needs a version 2.0 kind of a update. Will do that soon.


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