3 online subscription websites to buy Organic milk in bandra.

3 online subscription websites to buy Organic milk in bandra.

web-coke-milk-1I love the subscription models of consumption and buying and what is better if you have a dashboard in your organic milk website helping you track, you expenses and your consumption. The problem with walking down to grocery store to buy milk is numerous, for e.g if you go to a grocery store to buy your favorite tetrapack milk, you end up buying some other trivial stuff like icecream or some snacks plus the time you waste on walking to the grocery store. So a subscription based online milk management and delivery service though priced substantially higher works out to be cheaper if you are one man family like me.So from my twitter query regarding a milk subscription, i basically got 3 major players who deliver in bandra. (Image credit – https://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/article9883039.ece/binary/original/web-coke-milk-1.jpg )

Sarda Dairy FarmsSarda-Farms-milk-bottle – After struggling with 2 other websites, I finally ended up buying a monthly 10 litre subscription from sardafarms.com . The thing is they have the best online shopping UX on theor website. (though i had trouble buying on ipad and had to move to my macbook). They have 4 options for milk, i went for the pasteurised and homegenised milk which they indicate is best type of milk for curd setting and milk shakes, thats the way i consume milk and it suits me perfect. I highly recommend mainly for the fantastic looking website and very thought UX along with a super after sales call.

Dr. Moomoopack – Dr. Moo is also quite popular in bandra and aorund. Though they have a cute looking website, you need to fill in a form or call them, so the UX breaks and the person who called me, for a booking was not very convincing, also I had already booked myself subscription by then. Go ahead try them and let me know how it turned out to be. Here is the website – Dr. Moo

tag_wit_bottle-137x300Pride of Cows
Pride of cows is another popular subscription service for organic milk. They have a brilliant video showing how the milk is produced and how the European cows are fed a highly nutritious diet which we might not be consuming ourselves and how the milk is completely untouched by hand from production to fresh delivery at your home in a temperature controlled facility.Somehow again they have a contact form, which needs to be filled and that makes the UX lag behind.

Note – As for the taste of these milk, i have no idea, many swear by sardafarms and pride of cows. Are you one of the proud subscribers to organic milk delivery? let us know your experience in the comments box below.