4 kinds of subcultures jostling for cultural space in Bandra

4 kinds of subcultures jostling for cultural space in Bandra

A couple of chowks recently have been named after late Bollywood celebrities. Yesterday Hema Malini cut the ribbon for a chowk called as “Ravindra Jain Chowk” a while back another Chowk as “Jagjit Singh Chowk.” was installed, and the Carter Road dog park has a mural of Salman Khan’s pet dogs, also somewhere near the Bandra talao, there is Mohammed Rafi Chowk.

Do you think that Bandra is getting Bollywoodified? How are the other subcultures going to fight back for their cultural space?

Let us talk about the four subcultures I have identified in Bandra.


1. Bollywood Subculture – Earlier on Pali Hill was the exclusive domain of Bollywood, infact some people refer to Pali Hill as the Beverly Hills of Mumbai. But now bollywood celebrities are every where and all over the place in Bandra. Of course with Shahrukh claiming his house in Mannat was just the genesis of the bollywoodification of Bandra. But the current administration is all out to appease Bollywood; there is even a pet park with a mural of Salman Khan’s ex- pet dogs.

2. The Pao subculture – The original inhabitants of the Bandra villages, those who had a lot of property went on to study abroad, those with a little less money went to work abroad, those with no cash, hang out to their small decaying houses in the gaotans. These guys are the most silent spectators of the cultural change in the locality, unless their tradition is disturbed. (remember sharukh being told to get his ramp off?)

3. The Bro culture – These are the one who want to bully or trick you into following their way of thinking. I have a bit disdain for them as they are the kinds who troll me on social media. They are the people who think connections are everything. The less educated and less moneyed of them will call you “Bhai”.

4. The Intellectuals & the Hipsters – I have clubbed them together as most Hipsters think with their liberal views think of themselves as intellectuals. They are the ones who are primarily responsible for all the graffiti and the paintings on the walls of Bandra. They are the one, who hold pop-up events.

The unveiling of the Ravindra Jain Chowk by Hema Malini