4 Places to get a Vegan Burger in Bandra

4 Places to get a Vegan Burger in Bandra

Are you thinking of going Vegan? But wondering if there are enough options in Bandra? Here is a list of 5 places I know where you could order yourself a Vegan Burger. Surprisingly I didn’t find the Vegan burger on the menu at BagelShop, but you could check with the chef there.


Gostana is one of the most popular cafe’s in Bandra. It is located near Elbow room or more precisely behind DEN. The cafe is one of the few cafe’s in Bandra, which is pet friendly.

If you are looking for Vegan Options and want to hang out at Gostana you could try the following 3 options.

  1. Soy Bean Burger is a High protein soy Burger in Indian flavour)
  2. Seven Pulses Burger has a crunchy filling made with a medley of 7 different pulses with the signature Gostana cold sauce.
  3. Exotic Veggies Burger is a mixed vegetables tossed in fresh herbs and Olive oil.

Price Rs Rs 280/-

Desi Deli

Desi Deli is a cute eatery located opposite salt water cafe at reclamation. Desi Deli offers burgers but the hot dogs are the highlight of menu. They offer only one Vegan Burger Option called the 3 Bean Burger . 3 Bean burger is a crunchy spicy bean parry with red Salsa, and green mayo.

3 Bean Burger – Cost Rs 230/-

Smoke house Deli

Smoke House Deli Bandra is one of the cosy cafe. Every smoke house Deli is designed and curated like a charming storybook. The cafe offers continental fare and is situated right at the end of 33rd road which meets Pali Hill. Though they didn’t seem to have many Burger options for Vegans, i could only spot one.

  1. Brown Rice Flakes + Curried Vegetables – Price Rs 350/-

Yoga House

Yoga House cafe makes some delicious food. The cafe situated in beautiful bungalow at Sherly is a perfect space to hangout. Their Quinoa burger with salad, sprouts, salad and hummus is perfect to get all your protein needs.

Signature Quinoa Burger – Price Rs 370/-

Photo by Nick Clement on Unsplash