A Bandra Tenant's tale of Bandra BMC and Bandra Landlord

A Bandra Tenant's tale of Bandra BMC and Bandra Landlord

Doris Cardoz is a Bandra Tenant who lived in a 60 year old, dilapidated building which was declared unsafe by the Bandra BMC. She thanks the Lord for her luck as she didn't have to face any inconvenience even when water and electricity were cut off. We hope that she and her Bandra landlord get justice and a fair price.

The day my home crumbled but Jesus saved my family

We had gone to Australia for the wedding of my nephew. We were put up at my brother's place. We had every luxury at our beck and call. From having continental cuisine to experiencing modern comforts, we had it all.

The wedding was just like the Royal wedding minus the horse carriage. They had a rehearsal of the full order to the mass one day before the wedding. The respective mothers of the couple took up a candle with the family name and lit it on the altar. This was how the mass began. Then the couple took a third candle and lit it. This was how they became the Man and Wife in the eyes of the Lord and the law.

The couple traveled in a limousine which I had seen for the first time. The reception was so classy that the atmosphere took everybody's breath away. The continental entrees, and the drinks were certainly sumptuous. The parents of the couple recounted incidents from the childhood of the now newly married couple. The Best Man too shared his experiences pertaining to the couple. The walk down the memory lane ended with the groom raising his glass to a toast. He expressed his thanks to every one present from India and Australia in his signature witty style.

The Departure

After the wedding was over, the couple took all of us for a two day holiday. We stayed in a luxurious resort at Avoca beach. It was a relaxing holiday. We were so much in touch with nature that we could hold a bird in our hand.

Our vacation ended on a pleasant note. We were back safe and relaxed our journey back was on the upper deck of the Singapore Airlines SQ-424. We luxuriated on our journey on one of the largest flights.

Back to Bandra

On the way back my son told me to rest and catch up with some much needed sleep. But the Bandra BMC mostly likely had cut off the electricity and water supply. So I was very tensed about the situation. I told him that I will be staying with his sister and my daughter. I could only wish that in the name of Jesus all would be fine. Can anybody except Him imagine what went through my mind, body and soul! Whom to blame or not I did not know.

Through this problematic situation, my prayers guided me through. I could move out of Bandra with the help and support of my family to a comfortable place. This move out took only 8 days to complete. And I was thankful to the Lord for that. As I had placed all my hopes in the Lord, all went well. Thank the Lord! Amen.

Bandra BMC gave notice to vacate out

For the past ten years our Bandra landlord was trying his best to re-develop the property. For days in and out he has been trying to schedule a meeting with the appropriate Bandra BMC officials! Thirteen people of us had agreed. He gave us a very good agreement with fitting terms. But Leviathan is always there to break spoil and steal! Some tenants however, did not agree and they convinced the others.

To make matters worse since our building is over 60 years old, Bandra BMC had given us a notice to vacate out.The building was in a dilapidated condition. But as it goes in India, none is afraid of the law. We were assured that no one could touch us or our water meter. Sadly or gladly for us we had gone to Australia for the holiday. The orders were passed on the day that we left. We would have to function without electricity and water, had we stayed! Now that I recall, I know what they had meant what they said we would have to vacate the place with heads buried in the ground! Once again I should say that our Landlord is a gem and he should not be blamed for what has happened .

The piece was submitted by Doris Cardoz