Top 5 reasons to watch a film at Gaiety Galaxy

Top 5 reasons to watch a film at Gaiety Galaxy

A film is judged by two factors, critical acclaim and commercial success. A reviewer who approves of a film in most aspects like direction, action, cast, and performance and thereby lends a good movie rating, impacts a million readers and potential viewers. And if a film's rating is average yet it works at the box office, it is touted as a commercial success. Bandra Info suggests its readers to watch mass films in the likes of a Zero, 2.0, & Simmba in Gaiety Galaxy at Bandra.

Film is escapism from reality. It is voyeuristic as we witness several characters and their inherent complications, failures and transformations over a period of 2 hours. And it leaves us entertained, enlightened and informed as a viewer.

Here are top 5 reasons to watch a film at Gaiety Galaxy in Bandra

1. Old world charm

A viewer will simply love the old world vibe of this place. The Gaiety Galaxy aka G-7 multiplex may have been redone and revamped yet it retains the beautiful dated ticket windows. A demarcation still exists between stall and balcony floors for its varied audience. The movie hall welcomes everybody under one roof, catering to a varied audience and their individual purchase capacity.

Moreover the movie hall is situated right next to Bandra Station, standing in pride to accommodate people from different walks of life.

I have the fondest memories of watching films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Veer Zara, Mission Kashmir, Shabd, Swades, Raaz, Lakshya, Barfi and most recently Poster Boyz at Gaiety Galaxy. We would make impromptu plans and end up outside the ticket counter, afraid of the film's glaring full house board, we would often indulge in the now forbidden 'black' ticketing. A prevalent source of income for illegal sellers who had the privilege of buying a ticket in advance and selling it at twice it's original price. As seen in the film 'Rangeela'

2. Caterer

The Gaiety Galaxy canteen offers delicious samosas, chips and chilled beverages. A movie going experience is incomplete without the food. An interval is provided for snacking, discussing the first half and eagerly anticipating the second. Theaters largely make revenue from their F&B divisions, apart from the inflow of box office collections shared with the distributors.

3. Cheering and Hooting

The most enthusiastic crowd is found at Gaiety Galaxy. The audience does not shy away from hooting, welcoming and cheering on their favorite mega star during songs, special entries or major twists/suspense which unfolds. You may even find some dancing away in the aisles.

I remember seeing a Theater Attendant, the one who would direct us to our seats, a dated profession now, resembling Anil Kapoor. He was one of the major talking points at every visit to Gaitey Galaxy.

4. Spot the Stars

Do you know several debutantes and even established stars pay a visit to Gaiety Galaxy in order to gauge the mass reactions of their fans ( or fans in the making). They dress up in Burkhas and may be seated right next to you.

Fan Tip – If you find them walking in late in all likelihood it is a star disguised as audience.

5. Themed Theater

Gaitey Galalxy is the only themed theater of the suburb. You find the distinctive astronomical connect in it's brand name, painted walls and signage. In almost 5 decades this has stayed true to its distinct personality.

Bandra locals who opt for luxury multiplexes should go back and vibe with the good old Gaiety Galaxy every once in a while. Millennial generation can go back and sense their childhood. And new locals can pay a visit to the iconic theater to truly enjoy a film screening.

Gaiety Galaxy G7
Image Source : CNN

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