A quick Review of Coffee Culture at Hill Road

A quick Review of Coffee Culture at Hill Road

Recently Bandra got some coffee culture. Eh? Yes, this is what happens when a Surat based brand come to Bandra. No, disrespect to Surat, I love your Undhiyo’s.

Whatever reviews of coffee culture I have read have been devastating. But I think people who wrote those bad reviews don’t really understand what to order where. I mean did you guys order the Undhiyo? No, you order Punjabi poha and eggs.

Learn to do coffee culture right

If you are a first timer to coffee culture, just stick to cappuccino. The lady who served me, told me she was a food blogger and pronounced snacks as snakes. I love this Gujrati accent than a fake US accent.


The place is nicely done up. Rather after the exit of Basilico, the new owner didn’t have to work much hard on the decor. The layout remains the same. But the place is nice and huge. I would love to hang out more there.



I order a cappuccino and pretty much got what I ordered. I looking forward to some Surati Undhiyo next time.