A BRIEF SUMMARY OF LITTLE ANGELS SCHOOL – a school for differently-abled children, who are slow learners, and also have learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, attention deficit hyperactive disorders and other similar disorders.

In our society, where children are classified into either “Normal” or “Challenged” categories, there are several children who fall into neither of these categories and suffer irreparable damage as their special needs are not addressed. Little Angels School, run and managed by Human Development Centre Trustwas started by Mr. Jehangir Afshari and his team on 14th June 2002 to address the needs of such children. Our main objective is to make a difference in their lives. Our Goal is to make each and every one of our students independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant. Little Angels is a very special and exclusive school.

We have children coming from all strata of society. We do not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, religion, caste, creed and social status. While we offer free education, we believe in offering the best.  Specialized teachers and various therapists/extra-curricular activities instructors,who would help the students achieve not only their visible potential but also go far beyond are professionals and therefore, very expensive. We are mainly dependent on donations from well-wishers and kind hearted corporates to meet such expenses as also the day to day running of our School.

We have 3 units – The main unit No.1 at Rao Memorial Bldg., Bandra.



Unit 2 is the Pre-school for pre-primary students at “Violena” Bldg, off Carter Road, Bandra.


Unit 3 is our branch at Pune.


We also have a Training Centre at Kuruvande Village, Lonavala, where students are taken for 2/3 days. There they learn to hone their ADL Skillsandlive independently away from their families.


The School curriculum is categorized as academics, functional academics and vocational.

Academic students are those with learning difficulties or slow learners who could be educated upto NIOS levels.

Functional Academic Students can be educated – however, they are not capable of appearing for NIOS, but can progress academically to an elementary level.

Vocational students are trainable. We offer In-house and Out-house training to our vocational students.  In-house training involves getting orders from Corporates for various items required by them as per the designs given and executing the same.  Out-house training involves the students going to reputed Hotels / Malls and getting trained to work either in the hospitality departments of the Hotels or Stock department of Malls.


In 2000 Mrs. Kirti Thakur and Mr. Jehangir Afshari saw a need to give Vocational Training to differently-abled children, who are grown up and have completed their courses in special schools.  They, therefore, pooled their personal funds and founded HDC Vocational Centre, where programme modules are developed for each student as per their individual capabilities. The students above 18 years are taught offices skills, which include computers (basics), money handling, banking, time management, grooming, communication, basic secretarial skills. Those who are not capable of learning the above skills, are taught vocational skills such as catering, simple assembling work, envelope making, jewellery making and decorative crafts.  The entire programme is conducted by a team of dedicated special educators and support staff. The ultimate aim of our programme is to make them as self-sufficient as possible and become useful contributing members of their society.