A vegan Ice cream called Scoopalicious truck at Bandstand.

A vegan Ice cream called Scoopalicious truck at Bandstand.

Yesterday on my walk on Bandstand, I chanced upon this vegan ice cream truck called Scoopalicious opposite this nursing home (whose sisters were apparently not very happy that the truck right opposite their gate) on BJ Road.

So I have been hearing about the Bombay Food Truck Company and have always wondered where can I find them. The truck is a tempo; the design is quite sad and not so sick as you can see from the pictures I took last night.

But before we rule them out, what I loved about this ice cream truck is that they had ice creams in some unique flavours like dates & jaggery. Unfortunately, most of the flavours on the menu were out of stock, so I settled for a rose petal ice cream.

The ice cream will cost your Rs 50 if you have it in a cup and Rs 60 if you are a cone person. Just beware, since this is a shop on wheels, they might be shifting their location along the bandstand promenade, but nevertheless keep a watch if you fancy a nut milk based icecream.

As per @itsmumbaifoodie a popular food handle the truck location is as below.


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The customised flavours have 100 per cent pulp, and are organic and blended with natural flavours; there are no preservatives. Look out for flavours like Mango Chilli, Dark chocolate cookie, Mocha Bourbon Boondie, Ripe coconut Modak, Jaggery and Dates.
– via mid-day

They are exclusively selling 100 per cent organic ice-creams with flavours like ginger cinammon {which they claim is the absolute best} , boondi, gulab jamun, jackfruit, raw mango, coconut, double chocolate, gulkand, among a few others. We are loving the sound of chili mango. The said chili used is being brought in from Manipur, and all their ice-creams will be made using the natural pulp of ingredients.

– via Little Black Book, Mumbai