A Vibe Called Bandra - A Short Documentary by Anvita Kamath

Anvita Kamath has just released a short documentary called "A Vibe Called Bandra". The video has already crossed 2000 views in less than 24 hours. She is extremely happy with the way people have been receiving the documentary and the love that Bandra is getting. 


Anvita Kamath is a 23-year-old graduate from New York University where she studied Economics, Business and Film. She has just finished making her first short film titled Painted, which is yet to be released to the public. 

She has been born and brought up in Bandra and there’s nowhere else where she feels more at home. As someone who is fond of travelling, she has travelled to more than 20 different countries internationally and definitely feels like Bandra is up there at the top with some of the best neighbourhoods around the world. 

A Vibe Called Bandra
Anvita Kamath

The Inspiration for the documentary – A Vibe Called Bandra

She says "Bandra is diverse, charming, buzzing, welcoming, energetic, dynamic and so inspiring. It is full of culture, art, good food, great nightlife and is only now beginning to get the traction that it has always deserved."

When TimeOut released their rating on the top 50 coolest neighbourhoods of the world in 2018 and Bandra made it to #15, She thought that someone needs to make a film that showcases the beauty of Bandra because there is so much to see! She started this as a passion project and with the help of a cinematographer friend, where she began gathering as much of Bandra as possible (visuals, interviews, capturing the locals). 

She says her aim was to translate the energy and vibe that exists in this suburb and draws people here. With most people’s short-lived attention span, she knew the video could not be beyond a 5-minute crisp overview of why the suburb is so cool in fact. 
She has tried to include places that are only specific to Bandra and thus some popular joints that find themselves in other suburbs.

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