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Bandra info is a website which would aggregate all information about bandra under a common domain. We want to build a repository of news and commercial information which can be easily accessed systematically by people. If you want to provide us information, news, reviews or pictures and be part of this community, email us at manoj@bandra.info

Note : If you think we have uploaded one of your copyrighted contents, do let us know immediately as we have no interest in using unauthorised content. We curate the best the news in and around bandra, and we might have used it to promote your event or brand. But we would be taking down content immediately if it doesnt suit your brand image.

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0a864720bd3c1510985f8e98bc36c4cbManoj Nayak has been living in Bandra since 2013, he is a mechanical engineer from Mumbai University who does consulting on industrial advertising and marketing. An ex- manufacturer he is deeply concerned about promoting small scale industries.His passion lies in building online communities, he believes communities should be more relationship based rather than materialistic. With www.Bandra.info he endevours to create a caring and responsible community in Bandra. To know more about me,Visit https://manojnayak.org/

Theatre Correspondent – Manju Sampat

Dr. Manju Sampat has a Ph.D. in English literature and takes workshops for The Learning Curve’s course on The Art of Speaking. The Learning Curve has been conducting workshops and full courses at St. Andrews College in Bandra since 2005.

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998988_614689891882958_247524663_n-150x150Deepa and Jayanta, married for almost a decade, are still far from a life of peaceful co-existence, thanks to their differing opinions/ interpretations and near-constant bickering. The only thing that has been instrumental in keeping their marriage steady this far is their love for travel and food. Both of them love both of these. Relations and friends accuse them of having ‘wheels on their feet’ because of their frequent escapades. And that was the genesis of their travel blog, Wheels On Our Feet – to share wonderful travel and food experiences from around the country and globe. — Visit https://www.wheelsonourfeet.com/ to read more articles by them.

ginni.gs_.sharma_1424417334_81-500x375Ginni Sharma considers learning one of the biggest aspects of life, she likes to take risks and consider failures to be very important as they teach you a lot more than success. she says A very wise person told her once that in order to succeed, we need three things: smartness, hard work, and a right attitude, and this is her biggest motivation to improve, grow, and succeed.She is a SharePoint expert; however, alongside my work, I love following my passion which includes writting, reading, running, cooking, and traveling. I am a big foodie and love exploring places of food. Visit https://mumbaifooddiaries.com/ to read more articles by them.





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