Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla - Couture and Interior Designers

Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla - Couture and Interior Designers

abu 3For twenty-five years, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla have been at the forefront of Fashion in India. They are among the country’s most coveted couturiers. Two men with a single vision. To create the Finest.

[quote]”Design isn’t a profession. It is the stuff that flows through your veins.”[/quote]


Established in 1986, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla is one of India’s oldest and most celebrated Couture Houses. The Brand is coveted for its formal, occasion and bridal wear. It is a trend setting rather than a trend following label.

Their clothes are a unique meld, using the finest fabrics as a canvas, which comes alive with exquisite embroideries and intricate embellishments to create what have been described as modern masterpieces. Their focus has always been the woman. One who expects and deserves unparalleled quality and impossibly feminine clothes. Their sensibility is distinctly and unabashedly Indian, and draws deep from the richness of India’s heritage.

abu1Classical Elegance is their signature style. The finest fabrics, impossibly fine hand-embroidery, delicate embellishments and flawless finishing are their hallmarks. They are known as the Masters of Revival and Reinvention, taking ancient techniques and craftsmanship and elevating it to never before seen standards. Chikankari, Zardozi, Tharad, Mirrorwork are just some of the old that they have now made new. Viewed as artists who straddle the dual worlds of Fashion and Architecture with consummate ease, their unique sense of aesthetics is firmly rooted and does not bow to the dictates of fashion.

ABU SANDEEP is a diffusion label launched by the duo in 2007. Limited Edition, Contemporary Classics for men and women which carry forth the design sensibilities of their Couture. This label incorporates machine embroideries and hand detailing. The label has found a massive following among a new fashion demographic.

The Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla label is internationally feted for its classical elegance. Their Clients come from diverse backgrounds and include business barons, cinematic legends, royalty, politicians and the men and women who comprise ‘high society’ both in India and abroad.

Interiors :

Their foray into the world of Interiors came as a natural progression. An inner calling to expand their creative horizons. They began with a furniture exhibition, “ARCHITECTURE”, which received instant success and was soon followed by a flurry of high profile interiors assignments, including the residences of Amitabh and Jaya abu2Bachchan, Dimple Kapadia’s house in Mumbai and Nikhil and Shweta Nanda’s palatial mansion in New Delhi.

And then came an invitation from Selfridges, London to participate in a month long Bollywood festival wherein they recreated Dimple Kapadia’s residence within the store. Abu Sandeep were awarded the 2003 Designer Wars Championship in London. This was an international competition broadcast on British Television, which saw them contend with architectural heavyweights from across the globe.

The duo redesigned the house of Mary Fessey and were voted best designers by public poll. Their success in interior design has now prompted them to create a line of furniture and home accessories which retails at Susanne Roshan’s The Charcoal Project.



Shop No. 2 & 3, Plot No. 327

Windward Apartment,

21st Road,

Bandra (W),

Mumbai – 400 050.

Tel: 91-22-26465343 / 5363

Fax: 91-22-26465357

Email:  info@abusandeep.com

Website: www.abusandeep.com

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/AbuJaniSandeepKhosla


Source: Website and facebook page