Adani Electricity had put a board saying "Welcome to Mount Merry Festival" instead of "Mount Mary". The error was pointed on twitter a few times but on the last day of the fair the banner was corrected to the correct spelling.

Image shared by Tiven Gonsalves

Is it important for a Brand to be culturally sensitive ?

We are offended if someone misspells or pronounces our name incorrectly. As humans, we want to be respected. Big Brands like Adani Electricals has shown cultural insensitivity with this misspelled banner. If " Customer is God" than it is better that a brand learns the minutiae of the locals. If a brand doesn't localise for its customers, It reeks of arrogance and monopoly.

Incidentally Glocolisation is the new buzzword

I haven't misspelled here.

Every time a brand disrespects the locals, it is going to be pulled up here.