Adani Electricty sends a shocker to Bandra Residents.

Adani Electricty sends a shocker to Bandra Residents.
Adani Electricity takes over Reliance Energy

Some time back I received a e-bill from Adani Electricity. The amount seemed twice what I was expecting. First I wondered what ever happened to Reliance Energy. Relaince Energy was bought over by Adani Electricity. It is not clear how that would benefit the common man. Why didn't I hear about this deal?

As with anything email I forgot about this bill until I finally received the hard copy of the bill on my door. I took to social media to check if other also felt that their first Adani Electricity bill seemed to a inflated. Immediately there were reactions that it was the case. A lady resident pointed out that on examining the bill she has read, that it was an tentative reading and not an actual reading.

Tentative meter reading in fine print.

If you follow the envelope budgeting system. This is a major shocker. My bill is twice of what was expected. Residents are upset why should the burden of the transfer of Electricity company from Reliance to Adani lead to inconvenience to the common man?

The Adani Electricity team got it touch confirming that the reading was an estimate and not an actual. They have even offered to edit the bill if I send them a photo of the actual meter reading.

One resident has suggested to shift to Tata power which is supposed to be the cheaper alternative. There is no enough information on how to transition. Serious question is if Tata Power is cheaper, why is Adani Electricity in business?

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