Akbari Dawakhana for Unani Medicine

Akbari Dawakhana for Unani Medicine

Stress, Pollution and a sedentary life are taking its toll in urban cities. The standard of living in an urban environment is prone to sickness and infections, under such circumstances visits to doctors are a necessary part of our fitness routine.

We know how medicine has become a big business capitalising on our greatest fear of falling sick and unable to report for work. The trust between doctors and us is waning thin.

My first call of action in case of a minor sickness is to turn to Ayurveda or Unani medicine; I have for a long time, avoided popping allopathic pills, it is probably my distrust of this commercialisation of medicine.

I discovered this Unani medicine shop at Bazaar Road. Akbari Dawakhana is an 8-month-old shop, at Kalidas Chowk at Bazar road. Mr. Amir Akbar Khan is the 3rd generation Unani doctor who has learnt the science of Unani medicine knowledge from his grandfather, his son now is the 4th generation, who has decided to join his father.

Mr. Khan says, Unani medicine is all natural herbs, and there is no animal matter or chemical additives in the same. He says Unani medicine is a slow acting remedy, but it removes the disease from its roots. As per him, Unani medicine has a lot of demand in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand.

He says that Ayurveda and Unani were quite similar earlier but nowadays in Ayurveda fast acting chemical additives are present to enable faster relief that can bear significant side effects and is so can be harmful to your body.

Unani has some great medicines for Diabetes, Heart Diseases and infertility issues. If you are looking for a permanent solution to your health problems, Mr. Amir Akbar Khan is available for consultation from 4 pm to 9 pm.

Shop no 5, 89/234,
Thakkar House
Bazaar Road,
Bandra West.
Mob :9821550319
Email: amirkhan1612@gmail.com