Amritsari Tadka

Amritsari Tadka

amritsari1From his many journeys to Amritsar, Mr. Pappi Singh always wished to get the flavors of Amritsar to Mumbai and that led to the inception of Amritsari Tadka, a fine dine non-vegetarian restaurant serving authentic Punjabi and Amritsari flavor in particular to its patrons.

After the success of Only Parathas, Mr. Pappi Singh’s Amritsari Tadka caters to the non-vegetarians in the city. Complementing Only Parathas, this restaurant offers the same quality and service, varying only in food offered.

The authenticity of Amritsari Tadka comes from the various spices sourced straight from Chandini Chowk. Sitting in the fine dine bar and restaurant, customers cover a distance of almost 1800 kms with every bite they take.

Dotted with Mr. Pappi Singh’s creativity, the menu whets the appetite with scrumptious ease. Inspired by the cities of Punjab, the menu consists of Amritsari Bheja Masala, Amritsari Gurda Kapuda, Tawa Chop Lahori, Murgh Jalandari Tikka etc. After scouring the whole of Mumbai city, customers find their way back to Amritsari Tadka for its Murgh Chatni Anardana and Murgh Ludhianvi Kali Mirch which are the some of the special dishes offered only by Amritsari Tadka in Mumbai.

In Chinese food, the restaurant serves a second cuisine.

Located at Linking Road, Khar West Amritsari Tadka also offers banquet and outdoor catering services.

Only Parathas was proof enough of Mr. Singh’s culinary genius. Amritsari Tadka is another feather in his cap with the potential to shine on its own. His recent offering reveals the giant strides made by Mr. Singh in terms of understanding food.


  • Contact number: (+91) 22 66964198, (+91) 22 66964199, (+91) 22 65397848, (+91) 22 26042148, (+91) 9830038371, (+91) 9930038372
  • Address: Only Parathas premises, Ground floor, 355, Linking Road, Khar West, Mumbai, 400052
  • Timings: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM to 1:00 – 1:30 PM