An Air-conditioned study room at Hill road

An Air-conditioned study room at Hill road

I have been living in Bandra for 5 years. I am almost bored and feel I have explored every nook and cranny of this suburb. But sometimes there are surprises.

I recently posted a image on Instagram of Ramkrishna Library in Khar asking whether the place was air-conditioned.

Pat came a reply “Go to Gharda” , I thought this was troll. WTF is Gharda ?

Pat came another reply, just Rs 500 per year , air-condiotioned Library at Hill Road near Elco.

Bai Ratanbai Gharda Memorial Library

This morning I went to Gharda Chemicals Building to check the library and Study room. This is the corporate office of Garda Chemicals and the Gharda Foundation has allowed generous space for study room and library. The study room was packed. Considering the May Heat, I can image why kids prefer to site here an study.

The Librarian said the place was infact less crowded as it was vacation time. Few people who live at Hill Road and around know about this place.

Please spread the word about this generous gesture from Gharda Foundation. Only if more corporates do such kind of giving back to the society.

Gharda Foundation, thank you. I almost has lost my faith in Corporates.