AOI reviewed by @farudaru

AOI reviewed by @farudaru

aoi-1Pronounced as “Aa-wee” for the uninitiated. I just had to try out this place after all the rave reviews. And I have to say it sure lived up to everything they said.This place actually replaced another restaurant I quite loved, but I’m not complaining because Aoi is better than the other one. Anyway, lets get back to the topic.

You may actually miss this tiny place if you don’t keep an eye out for it, so you better do. I love the way the huge windows let natural light just flood this tiny and cozy 30-seater restaurant. The cute origami bird lights hanging from the ceiling make the place look soo gorgeous. I want them in my room!!! And the manga art on the walls give the place a lovely Japanese-y feeling.

Seating is comfortable, service is very attentive, friendly and the best part is, the waiters actually know the menu well, so they also do good recommendations. +1 for that.

The bento box concept is quite awesome! You get sushi, rice, chicken, soup and more in a neat box with sections. How cool is that! The salmon sushi was yummy.

You must try the tenderloin steak here, it’s flavors are very unique. Also, Don’t leave without trying the Aoi Breezer it’s delicious.

My only complaint, yes, I know that wasabi is supposed to be had ‘just a little bit’ but giving literally ONE DOT of wasabi between 4 people for 8 pieces of sushi is stupid. We had to call the waiter several times for a refill. Same goes for the wasabi-mayo dip.

They don’t have desserts, so boo! 🙁 Also, an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet will be perfect for a place like this.

So here you go… THE MUST HAVES:

1) Classic Miso Soup

2) Chicken kara Age with Mayo-wasabi dip

3) Teriyaki chicken Bento

4) Aoi Breezer to wash it all down

I have to go back soon for the Ramen and Teas.

Happy Eating! 🙂