Aoi - The New Japanese influenced Cafe.

Aoi - The New Japanese influenced Cafe.

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The Aoi experience brings to Bandra an open, young, bright and affordable Japanese adventure which does not limit itself to cuisine alone!

For all those who are in love with delicacies from the land of the rising sun, Aoi offers Japanese dishes to suit the Indian palate.

The Origami cranes light installation and the pleasing interiors serve as a time machine that transports the diner to a small discerning Japanese café that personifies the cultural experience of a lively and vibrant Japan.

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For those who love sushi, an obvious favourite, Aoi offers a remarkable tailoring of sushi as rolls, cones and mounds.

Along with the traditional rice, miso soup, yakitori and the tempura, get to experience food that is light, fresh and delicious.

Masterfully created with exotic ingredients and contrasting flavours, the authentic recipes doled out by the Chef Mitesh and aesthetically presented give a dining experience beyond the ordinary.

As you unveil the secret of Japanese food and the delicate balance it has found with nature, get to try the particularly fascinating tea varieties and mocktails.

Embark upon a culinary experience that breaks all clichés.

Aoi  – In Vogue.



1. Gloria,

St.Baptist Road,

Near Mount Mary Steps,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050.

Phone: 022 6999 5000/022 – 26404004


Facebook page: httpss://


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