Art and craft workshops in Bandra

As you pass by Bandra Police station, you will often wonder why there is a crowd at Dheeraj Plaza just across the street. It’s no secret but only a chosen few know about this and if you are one of them you are lucky. Asian Paints conducts regular art and craft workshops at their signature store at Dheeraj Plaza and for people who are crazy about art and craft this is a golden opportunity to try their hand at something they may have been longing to.

Asian Paints Art and craft workshops

This workshop is free of cost and participants can take the art piece home. They have been conducting the workshop for a couple of years but it has really gained popularity now. Simply follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get the link that registers you for the workshop. This, however, does not guarantee you a seat in the workshop. You have to wait in line to receive a token and that is your confirmation.

Other Venues for Art and craft workshops

While most people who conduct art and craft workshops charge a fee, Asian Paints and Fab India don’t charge for these workshops. The venue for Asian paints is Dheeraj plaza in Bandra (which is also their signature store), and the venue for Fab India differs. Art Station near Khar telephone exchange also host workshops and their fees begin from Rs 500 upwards. The Bombay Drawing room and The HAB by USHA also charge a nominal fee for their beautiful workshops where you can learn to draw, paint, embroider, crochet, macramé etc.

General information about Asian Paints Signature Store & their Art & Craft Workshops

Since we are talking about Bandra, let's Talk about Asian Paints in Bandra. They usually conduct their workshops on Saturdays, however, they also have certain workshops on weekdays. Like we mentioned above you have to register via a link posted on Facebook, be warned however you have to wait in line to receive a token which confirms your place for that day's workshop. There are only 200 tokens given out and the session begins at 11 and ends in 2-3 hours. In case you don’t get a token the staff may allow you to stand and watch while the Workshop is going on the only difference will be you don’t get a kit. Once you get to know what materials were used and what was done in the workshop you can definitely make the art piece it at home. In the past, they have conducted various Art & Craft workshops on Dream-catchers, Mug Painting, wine glass decor, Macrame Art, Herb Garden etc.

More information Asian Paints Art and craft workshops.

While you are at the store you can also take advantage of their ongoing promotions. They have a referral service that you can use to your advantage to get discounts on your painting needs. Many people are not aware but if you take an Asian Paints décor package they even make customized furniture based on your need, but it has to be the whole package. They also have a lot of options and offers on home renovation and home décor.

Materials for Gilded Clock.
Wine Glass Decor
Material for Wine Glass Decor
Gilded Clock.

For more information here are their contact details.

Address: Dheeraj Building, Hill Rd, Santosh Nagar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Hours: 10:30am–8:30pm

Phone: 022 2643 1074