Atma is an NGO that strengthens organisations to impact education.

Atma is an NGO that strengthens organisations to impact education.

Atma is an NGO that strengthens organisations to impact education.Our vision is of Quality Education for every child.

How many countless NGOs are doing positive work here in Mumbai?

How many of those NGOs are lacking in resources?

How many social problems still exist in the city?

Atma works to address the issue of quality education for underprivileged children and young adults through a unique consultancy model.

Atma creates long-term, in depth partnerships with educational NGOs working in the Mumbai area. We provide consultancy and resources, allowing visionary NGOs to provide education to underprivileged children and young adults.

Founded as a Trust in 2007, we partner with dynamic organisations that work in educational development in Mumbai. Each Atma Partnership is a three phase collaborative process, where Atma addresses capacity needs and helps NGOs to create and execute growth plans.


Atma works with organisations to address their resource constraints and create & execute growth plans.

Atma’s Partnership Model differs from other NGO consultancies. Atma Partnerships are:

Holistic and intensive

Based on strong relationships

Tailored to NGOs providing education

Focused on implementation

Combining consultancy, training and skilled volunteers, the Atma Model allows Atma Partners to look beyond their day to day resource constraints and maximise their impacts in the educational sector.

Atma addresses the lack of capacity in India to effectively provide Quality Education  to all children.

The Atma Model is a three phase relationship-based intervention which helps organisations move beyond their day-to-day resource constraints.

Atma helps NGOs to break the cycle of insufficient funds, staff and time. This allows Atma Partners to deliver more Quality Education to the children and young adults they serve. The Atma model is defined by three key services: consultancy, skilled volunteers and training.


Consultancy helps Atma Partners to take a step back from day-to-day challenges and think about long term goals. An Atma Partnerships coordinator meets with the Partner organisation on a weekly basis to develop strategic goals, and create plans to carry them out. Consultancy forms the baseline of Atma’s service offering: this hands-on, intensive support allows Partners to set big goals and achieve them

Skilled Volunteers

Because of resource constraints in time and expertise, NGOs can often benefit from additional support. Atma brings in skilled volunteers at an appropriate time to complete specific projects that will support the growth of an organisation. Volunteers have developed teaching curriculums, designed websites, planned marketing campaigns, completed fundraising strategies, written HR manuals, verified accounting processes, launched blogs, filmed videos

Training & Workshops

Atma conducts Training and Workshops based on the unique needs of Atma Partners. The training is generally focused at the management and staff of an NGO, to build skills and competency within that organisation.


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