Aunty's Tiffin

Aunty's Tiffin

auntys 1We ourselves or our family members have gone through the same situation in our lives where we find it very difficult to get quality home cooked food while working or studying away from home. Even we know the need of taking a cooking break occassionally but the hotel food quality and the cost has been a big question. We thought of giving back to the community what we always wanted to offer the same for the people who need and deserve the quality food.

Auntys Tiffin (Mumbai) began as a small team of 2 housewives including Philomena DSouza and Sonika DSouza. We believe that serving good food to people is a noble business and we enjoy doing it. It all started when we found that many housewives though qualified and great in business skills are sitting idle at home awaiting right opportunity to help them get involve in their free time. We joined hands and Mrs. Sonika DSouza leads the group with her best cooking abilities in Goan, Manglorean, Srilankan, South Indian and Maharashtrian cuisine.

There are many who claim to deliver home cooked food. It may be home cooked but what about taste? You can have such food for a day or two and not more than that. Most people assume that home food is healthy and safe but it may not be true for all. It can’t be used as a blanket statement. Beyond using good quality veggies and spices, there are more factors that decide how ‘healthy’ it is:

– Cooking process: Overcooking veggies can deplete them of some nutrients.

– Oil quality: Oil should be good or it may not only spoils the taste of food but can be dangerous to the health also.

– Spices: spice quality and quantity both matters.

We know it and we also know what you need- a healthy freshly cooked meals prepared in hygienic conditions that tastes the best. We ensure the quality of our food and you’ll love the taste. We are committed to producing best quality home cooked food with a difference.

Trial Tiffins is served ONLY ONCE to help you check food quality and taste. We do not prepare TRIAL as a separate meal for you. It is the same food which is getting delivered to our daily customers on that day.

15 days advance is necessary to start your tiffins

The menu changes daily and you will get different type of food every day in the 1 week menu.


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C/O Sonica or Agnel D’Souza

94 1/2 Sharma Plot

Siddharth Nagar

Opp. Teachers Colony

Bandra East

Mumbai 400051

Mobile: 9870292834/ 9619900682





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