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Bandra.info website receive more than 15000 unique visitors every month and about 1.5 lakh visitors every years. There are more than 500 businesses listed on the website. 90% of the visitors come via google searches.

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A Drive Through Bandra During Pandemic Time

A Drive Through Bandra During Pandemic Time

Bandra truly is the ‘Queen of the Suburbs’. She has everything for a modern, comfortable, and very active social life. From trendy bars that jump out at you as you drive down Linking Road to the quiet vegan Café, tucked into a lane so narrow that you can never find it unless you’re specifically looking for it! She’s deeply spiritual, she’s multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, yet she assimilates all of us seamlessly into her open arms and warm bosom.

Bandra Lanes are for its pedestrains

A gruesome accident took place on 23rd November. A lady oblivious to a speeding rickshaw got paved away and died on the spot. A few people on twitter have blamed the lady for the jay walking. The people who are blaming the lady of jaywalking are not aware of the term “right of way”. 16th Road is a narrow lane, …

Notes from the Launch of The house at 43, Hill Road.

The story of the house Joe's grand father Braz Rodrigues built the palatial house at 43, Hill Road. Braz his children even his grandchildren were fluent in Portuguese and were very westernised. Braz married twice and inherited property of his first wife and got Rs 300 ( a tidy sum) dowry in his second marriage to Lydia. He had several …

Review of Blind Date recently played at Rangsharda

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By Manju Sampat Sakaar Creation launched their new Hindi play “Blind Date”, which is an urban family entertainer, last night at Bandra’s Rang Sharda theatre. Pranav Tripathi wrote the original script of this play in Gujarati and the Hindi adaptation has been done by Mr Raman Kumar. Pranav Tripathi has been active in Hindi and Gujarati theatre for the last 20 …

Write-up on the Elvis Presley show 

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By Manju Sampat  Elvis Presley, the iconic musical giant lives on even decades after his demise. His music appealed to people across generations and that is the secret of his magic. Now Raell Padamsee’s Ace Productions presents ‘Elvis – Long Live The King’ at Bandra’s St. Andrews auditorium on Sunday August 5th. The very talented Siddharth Meghani, who has been doing …

Review of The Altamount Road Murders

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Review by Manju Sampat  The Jeff Goldberg Studio, in Bandra has been doing some excellent theatre for some years now. Jeff Goldberg it’s founder, has written and directed “The Altamount Road Murders”. He also acts one of the key roles in this play. They staged the premier show of this play in one of South Mumbai’s most prestigious venues, The …

Detective Nau Do Gyarah this weekend at St. Andrews auditorium

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By Manju Sampat Aadyam, the Aditya Birla Group’s theatre initiative, opens its fourth season with a riveting comedy, Detective Nau Do Gyarah, which is performed by Atul Kumar’s Company Theatre, and also directed by him. Bandra audiences will be regaled by this heady, mesmerising play this coming weekend, when it opens at St. Andrews auditorium. This play has a stellar …

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