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Farheen Darwesh is a Copywriter living in Bandra. She is a huge foodie and is in a constant quest for delicious food. She also loves clicking away on her vintage film camera and listening to classic rock and trance music.

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The Village Shop Cafe Reviewed.

This is a review sent by Farheen Darwesh, who is a Guest blogger with us.  It was love at first sight for me with this gorgeous little organic cafe.  It’s quite a refreshing change and just what Bandra needs, in the motley crew of ape-like Chinese, Italian & fast food joints.

3 Wise Monkeys reviewed by @farudaru

3 Wise Monkeys Walk in to 3 Wise Monkeys today and you’ll be in for a sweet surprise. 3 Wise Monkeys is now bigger & better. They now have 2 different sections, each with its own bar and avatar. One section still has their old English Pub like feel. And

BETWEEN BREADS reviewed by @farudaru

This place oozes fun and casual. It’s perfect for that ‘I need to munch on something’ feeling. They do have quite a decent selection of stuff that’s “between breads” which includes Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches and delicious munchies like

MAMAGOTO reviewed by @farudaru

MAMAGOTO, such a fun name don’t you think? And the fun & kitsch doesn’t just end there, the beautiful Japanese style paintings on the walls and a glass full of tigers all over add pizzaz to the place. The seating is very comfortable and cozy, though

AOI reviewed by @farudaru

Pronounced as “Aa-wee” for the uninitiated. I just had to try out this place after all the rave reviews. And I have to say it sure lived up to everything they said.This place actually replaced another restaurant I quite loved, but I’m not complaining because Aoi is better than the

BIRDSONG CAFE reviewed by @farudaru

These days when restaurants are getting smaller, going OTT with the decor and cramped, The Birdsong is like a breath of fresh air. The ceiling to floor French windows are a delight. They let in loads of natural light and they’re perfect to just sit by them over a cup