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Dr. Manju Sampat has a Ph.D. in English literature and takes workshops for The Learning Curve’s course on The Art of Speaking. The Learning Curve has been conducting workshops and full courses at St. Andrews College in Bandra since 2005.

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Review of A Streetcar Named Desire

By Manju Sampat Jeff Goldberg Studio’s latest offering, A Streetcar Named Desire, isbased on the classic play of the same name, by Tennessee Williams. Theoriginal play, set in the sultry French Quarter of New Orleans, was madeinto a powerful film in 1953. Three of the actors from this film wonOscar awards and Marlon Brando as Stanley became a cult hero! …

Review of Aadhe Adhure

By Manju Sampat Aadhe Adhure, is a powerful play, written by Mohan Rakesh, that deals with a dysfunctional family who seem to be caught in a web of unhappy circumstances and relationships. Savitri (Komal Chhabria), is a middle aged woman living with her spineless husband Mahindra (Ashok Pandey), 
and her three children. Ashok (Uddhav Vij) is the eldest and is …

Review of Go Back for Murder

By Manju Sampat. Making Noise Productions who recently produced Agatha Christie’s  “And then there were None”, are back with another play, “Go Back for Murder” also based on an Agatha Christie book, “Five Little Pigs”. They performed this play at Andrews over the weekend. Laura Mishra, who directs and acts in “Go Back for Murder”, has adapted the play to …

Review of “ And then there were None”

By Manju Sampat We all love Agatha Christie, and the idea of reading her classic mysteries or seeing a film or play based on one of her books, is simply delicious! A refreshing new theatre group, Making Noise, has brought to the Mumbai stage, Agatha Christie’s masterpiece ‘AND THEN THERE WERE NONE’. This show premiered last Saturday at St. Andrews …

Agatha Christie’s ‘ AND THEN THERE WERE NONE ‘ at St. Andrews Auditorium on Saturday 3rd and 10th March

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By Manju Sampat Making Noise’, a relatively new and exciting theatre group, is bringing an all time classic production to the Mumbai Stage. They are performing Agatha Christie’s ‘AND THEN THERE WERE NONE‘ at St. Andrews Auditorium on Saturday March 3rd and 10th at 7.30 pm. The play is based on one of the most exciting and engaging story telling formats in any …

Shakti: A Return to the Source – Brilliant dance ballet performed at Bandra’s St. Andrews Auditorium.

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By Manju Sampat Mumbai audiences were treated to a veritable feast of dance ballet this week by the Battery Dance Company from New York. They were brought to Mumbai under the aegis of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations and the Embassy of the United States of America. Thanks to them the brilliant dance ballet “Shakti” was performed at Bandra’s …

Review – Platinum, The Live ABBA Tribute Show, at St. Andrews auditorium.

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By Manju SampatThis weekend Bombay audiences were regaled to the delightful cover act, Platinum, The Live ABBA Tribute Show, at St. Andrews auditorium. This group, led by Andy Nye from London, was started in 1997. This six member band has been brought to India by Raell Padamsee and her Ace Media Productions and they were here courtesy Raell two years …

Review of “The Threepenny Opera” performed over the weekend at St. Andrews auditorium by the Motley theatre group.

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by Manju Sampat  Directed by Imaad Shah, “The Threepenny Opera”, is the last of Aadyam’s plays, for its third season. This musical was performed over the weekend at St. Andrews auditorium by the Motley theatre group. Set in the late nineteenth century, “The Threepenny Opera”, is a musical written by Bertolt Brecht and Elizabeth Hauptmann, and is based on John …

Review of “Salaam, Noni Appa” Lillette Dubey’s new play

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By Manju Sampat This weekend saw the opening shows of famed director Lillette Dubey’s new play, “Salaam, Noni Appa”, at the Tata theatre and at St. Andrew’s auditorium. Adhir Bhat has adapted the script of this play from Twinkle Khanna’s short story of the same name, which is part of her short story collection, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. Kudos …

Review of Under the Gypsy Moon staged at Bandra’s St. Andrews Auditorium last weekend.

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by Manju Sampat This last weekend Akvarious Productions staged “Under the Gypsy Moon” for Aadyam Theatre at Bandra’s St. Andrews Auditorium. This was the premiere performance. Veteran actor and director, Akash Khurana has successfully adapted Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel “Srikant” for the stage, and directed it as well. By “distilling the essence of the novel for the stage”, and then …

Review of “A Friend’s Story” that was recently performed at The Cuckoo Club

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by Manju Sampat Acclaimed playwright Vijay Tendulkar’s 2001 Marathi play Mitrachi Goshta, has been translated into English by Gowri Ramnarayan. Renowned theatre director and actor Akash Khurana has directed A Friend’s Story, the English version of this play, that was recently performed at Bandra’s The Cuckoo Club. This play has been around for a while now and will be staged …

Review of How I met your Father which premiered over the weekend at St. Andrews auditorium

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by Manju Sampat Raell Padamsee’s Ace Productions premiered their latest show “How I met Your Father” over the weekend at St. Andrews auditorium in Bandra. This “laugh a minute” comedy features the comic duo Kunal Vijayker and Cyrus Broacha. Joining them on stage were Maya, Cyrus’s young daughter, and Gopal Dutt, who often accompanies them on their iconic TV show. …

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