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Publisher. Love Mumbai, passionate about making cities liveable, A recent bibliophile and flaneur. Fighting all the time to connect the bridge between the privileged and the not so.

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Why Bandra Catholics are indifferent to their Bollywood neighbours?

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I am not pleased with murals and chowks dedicated to bolllywood personalities. I love Bollywood, but I think all these stars are immortalised in their performances. They don’t need to have chowks named after them. Of-course the government has to do something for publicity. Naming a chowk after a famous Bollywood person is a no-brainer and cheap publicity. Ideally I …

My House Hunting Experiences in Bandra

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I had no intention of coming to Bandra, but I had to sell my house in Powai and was now looking for a rented apartment. I was living in Hiranandani Powai and over the years had made some good friends who I could hang out. What I never realised that my inexperience of never renting an apartment would change my …

Bhaneshwari Bhojnalaya for Rajasthali Thali at Bazaar Road

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I was thinking of shifting to Mahim because of the exorbitant price of basic food in Bandra. On a random request on Twitter, Raju Katira told me to check out this place. I called them to check if they delivered home via swiggy. The owner hasn’t even heard about swiggy. He said if you eat here it will cost Rs …

Is Hill Road going to be gentrified after the Road widening?

The shoppers have been coming to Hill Road when the road was a narrow and only one vehicle could pass through it. I find myself at wits end explaining to people that wherever there are pedestrians, hawkers would be inevitable. Hill road leads to Bandstand and Mount Mary, 2 popular destination. There is a recent new age attraction of having …

What does “I AM BANDRA” art installation mean ? Some Speculations here

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I wonder why no one has raised this question before. I LOVE MUMBAI was followed by I LOVE BANDRA also #BANDRA. The Big junction which leads to Western Express Highway or LJ Road has a traffic island with an art installation loudly proclaiming ” I AM BANDRA” . This installation was done somewhere in June 2016. There is a Bandra …

Is the 365 days Mumbai Food Truck Park in Bandra a good idea?

The Mumbai Food Truck Park gathered lot of attention from the young. This is good news for the young whose lifestyle is of eating out but not having money in the wallet. My Argument For 365 days Food Truck Park in Bandra The number of pretentious food places in Bandra is beyond proportions. These pretentious restaurants hype up Bandra’s cool …

Review of Zee theatre play Agnipank which had its first show at Bai Gandharva Natya mandir.

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Agnipankh is a historical drama set in newly independent India with the winds of change sweeping across the country. Durgeshwari or ‘Baisaab’ as she is reverently called is a wealthy Brahmin. – via Zee Theatre Govind Nihalani’s Comment Below I thought Manoj’s review of Agnipankh could have been a little more enlightening… may be some more to explain the nature …

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