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Sarda has been living in Mumbai since 2004. A health systems management professional, she believes in living a diverse, creative and exciting life that does’nt involve climbing the corporate ladder, instead paving her own road, learning new things and living passionately with a purpose. Sarda promotes art as a basic tool for connection and loves to interact,encourage and acknowledge talent in all age groups through her art events

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Top 5 places for finding chocolate heaven in Bandra

Who would not love chocolate? Combining the best of ingredients, love and care, chocolatiers know how to create a magic that tastes as pretty as it looks. Where to buy the best chocolate in Bandra ? Our chocolate tour will help you choose. Check out these amazing chocolate destinations where passion and expertise create the best chocolate. Smooth texture and …

Top 5 Tiffin Services catering to Bandra.

Tighter schedules and inability to monitor one’s diet needs are not a worry anymore. You have experienced chefs working 24/7 with utmost care to deliver customized meals using the finest ingredients and in hygienic environments. Meal delivery services that offer well balanced, nutritious meals directly to your doorsteps professionally run are a blessing in reality. We shine the spotlight on …