Friday , 3 July 2020
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Shameem Akthar has been a yoga teacher for the last 17 years. She quit a lucrative job as a journalist with the famous Outlook magazine to take up yoga teaching. Her first assignments included teaching at the Mahindra factory. She has taught over 300 workers there. She also was a private yoga tutor for former Miss World Yukta Mookhey and  Spectra Motors family. Because of her background in journalism  she was also writing columns and articles for publications like Savvy, Life Positive, Harmony, Mid-day, Times of India (Pune), Mansworld, India Abroad (U.S), Exotica, Pioneer, Ritz, DNA,, amongst others.  She has been invited on Times of India’s internet chats several times. She has held several interactive yoga workshops at the HELP library and the Nalanda center(Times of India). She currently continues her columns with Savvy magazine,, India Abroad, Life Positive, Harmony magazine. She runs her own yoga blog, which is popular with yoga practitioners and teachers around the world. Her facebook page httpss:// should give you an indication of her style of yoga and teaching. She has written three books: First one was released by Tina Ambani, who edits HARMONY MAGAZINE(Title: Yoga for Silvers) at the anniversary of the magazine where Shameem is a columnist insist the magazine was launched. Second book , published by East-West publications  (owned by Tatas) has gone into second edition. It is titled Yoga in the Workplace.  The third one, Yoga for you, is an instructor’s manual, also published by Westland  publications, is now available at bookstores.

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Bandra, oh Bandra.

Bandra will always be my beloved. It released the shy south Indian in me, and let me be just what I want to be.. tattooed, curly-wild mane, shorts and androgenous looks:)  I remember once I ticked off a guy for jumping queue in the very back-of-beyond suburb Kandivli east where I lived in a state of suspended animation for years. …

Ode to the disappearing restaurants in Bandra.

This is the carry bag for Bong Bong. From just a plastic cover, we are happy to note its evolution, speaking of some spunk. Bong Bong, the very elegant Bengali food joint, is on 16th Road. And it started as a little smoky joint near Toto’s garage pub.. a small takeaway  with some oily rolls. But it has grown now, and …