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An entrepreneur by profession, Sunil’s passion for jazz dates back to his teen years. Then, as an engineering student in the USA, he had ample opportunities to meet, hear and even interview some of the all time jazz greats including John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington among several others.Upon returning to India, Sunil was involved in the formation of the group Jazz India which organized jazz festivals in Bombay. Sunil took to writing about jazz by about 1980. He has covered almost every jazz event in Bombay/Mumbai since that time for most newspapers in the city. He paired with the legendary cartoonist Mario Miranda to cover several Jazz YATRA (jazz festivals in Bombay). Sunil would write about and Mario would draw to combine in covering these events for a newspaper.For the last several years, Sunil has been the Contributing Editor of Rolling Stone magazine (the world’s largest music magazine), writing exclusively on jazz. In 2009, Sunil wrote the cover article for Rolling Stones on ‘The 100 Greatest Jazz recordings’. He conducted workshops for Louis Vuitton in Delhi and Bangalore on the theme. He has also conducted jazz appreciation workshops for Citibank, DSP Merrill Lynch, Standard Chartered Bank, Malhar (Xavier’s college) and Mood I (IIT, Powai) festivals.He served on the NCPA jazz advisory committee before becoming co-founder of JAZZ ADDICTS, who bring the finest international jazz to India and stage the annual Jus Jazz festival.

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