B Letuce

B Letuce

bletuce 2We are the symbol of freshness and we invite you to our warm and hearty welcome to the world of Health and Nutrition. We are the pioneers of the concept which breaks the misconception that “Health food cannot taste good”. We are the simple pleasure of life enjoyed with honesty and open hearts. We are the story shared by friends. We are the peaceful evening with loved ones. We are a great time spent with Family. We are what you’ll ever need to keep yourself going.

Prepare yourself to be enticed into the world of B letuce where the magical blend of homemade sauces and crunchy lettuce are delicately wrapped into one with love and passion .We make every effort to wrap your meal with essential fibres, vitamins, calcium, minerals and other fluids which are quintessential to your well-being. Its all about nourishing the body and delighting the mind without compromising on the palate.


Here are just a few things you can achieve with a B Letuce diet

Smaller waist line.

Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases.

You remain more active.

You get a clear skin.

Reduce risk for type 2 diabetes.


 bletuce 3

Green leaf full of love…brown wrap full of passion…all the toppings and sauces completing the bond…..feel Health blooming in your mouth…Try our wraps and indulge in love for yourself!

Do try our desserts too (Especially our Goey Brownie and Orange Creme Brulee). We prepare our own desserts and with an intent of distinction.


G-6, Nicholas Society,

Sherly Rajan Rd,

Off Carter Rd.

Opp Rizvi College.,

Bandra (W),

Mumbai – 400050

Phone: 022 2604 7444

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/BLetuce

Website: https://www.bletuce.com/


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