Actor Mridul Das does an impersonation of Bandra Boy Talk

The Bandra Boy lingo is quite unique to Bandra. Though this micro-culture is unique to Bandra, it has been made infamous in various Bollywood movies. (Since Bandra is also hot spot of Bollywood).

I have been living here for last 7 years, but I cannot pull the Bandra Boy lingo off. It is rather tough, but for an actor this could be challenging and Mridul Das taken it up. (It was a self test for a show where he had to sound like a Goan Christian)

Below is the video of his impersonation of the Bandra Boy Talk.

Below is a short Q&A with Mridul Das

1. Was it difficult getting the Bandra boy lingo?

Nope (Bandra boy myself)

2. Do you think you nailed the Bandra Boy talk?

I’ll let the audience decide that. Got good reviews and around 32k views. I think people are liking it!

3. What is the name of a show where you had to sound like a Goan Christian?

Can’t reveal and it anyway got shelved. So the show is not happening.

4. Can you tell us more about your self?

I am a full time actor. Born and brought up in Bandra and studied at st. Andrews(school + college). I am a proud gujrati Christian who goes to church regularly. God has blessed me with good work till now and excited to see what 2020 has in store for me.

5. Who is your favourite Bandra bugger?


Bandra Boy
Image – Courtsey Twiiter

Note – If you want to know more about this unique lingo, I highly recommend the Book Bandra Bugger and Bloodline Bandra.