Bandra girl wants maid to do 3 months free internship

Bandra girl wants maid to do 3 months free internship

She wanted to be on her own. She moved out to where else but Bandra. Bandra gives a woman complete freedom. Freedom to do what she wants, Freedom to get a guy in the house anytime and throw him out. But paying the exorbitant rents of bandra flats can bring out the worst in anyone.

She got tired of maids charging 15000 salary and then after getting trained they leave for better prospects. I mean she didn’t know anything about cooking or cleaning but she would teach the maid about how to take better selfies and discuss social media strategy. Over endless cups of masala chai the maid was educated on how to go viral on Facebook or how to do influencer marketing. After all this the maid leaves her for a couple of thousand more?


One day while sipping her latte, she got this brilliant idea. How about asking the maid to do free 3 month internship?

She takes to social media, spreads the word. In this way, at least she won’t be paying for maid’s training. After 3 months once the maid has proves her loyalty and promises her undying devotion she would start paying.

This sounds ridiculous right ?

Well not really.

Middle Class Values

Replace the maid with middle class person looking for job. This could be quite acceptable. But still there are some people on social media who are a little upset by this tweet. I am not here to judge the person who put out this tweet. I am here to reflect.

Is it ok to work free for experience? I have friends who have helped me for years without any money exchange.

The question is how values change as soon as class difference comes in. Can anyone in his right mind ask someone who is poor (lower class) to work for free?

The Tweet which inspired this story