Bandra Lanes are for its pedestrains

Bandra Lanes are for its pedestrains

A gruesome accident took place on 23rd November. A lady oblivious to a speeding rickshaw got paved away and died on the spot.

A few people on twitter have blamed the lady for the jay walking. The people who are blaming the lady of jaywalking are not aware of the term “right of way”. 16th Road is a narrow lane, the cars are double parked and there is a single lane of traffic. On either sides there are shops where people go to buy stuff. This means pedestrians are bound to be there.

Right of way is for Pedestrians

In this case, the first right of use of the road is for pedestrians. This is not a freeway or a highway where motored vehicles can fly with abandon. Any vehicle driver has to take this into consideration. The pedestrian has a right of way and it is the duty of the motored vehicle to stop and not the other way around.

I would appeal motorists to consider Bandra lanes for the pedestrians first. No vehicle should be driven like it is highway. The first right is of the pedestrians.