Bandra west - a thriller novel

Bandra west - a thriller novel

Are you fond of reading thriller novels? Then there is a better option to you.
” Bandra West ” is a fictional, thriller novel written in the Marathi language by a young writer, Milind Mahangade. If one gets anything easily then you will have to pay more in the future. It is the theme behind the story.

Just a ten-rupee note, and it’s a key to 99 Crores, sounds great no! It’s a story of Rodrik, a lazy and careless boy lives on Carter Road, Bandra West. He lives in a big villa, alone because of his father’s death. On his 27th birthday, he receives an envelope by Uncle Sam, a childhood friend of Rodrik’s dad. It is a letter to Rodrik by his late father. He came to know that he is the owner of 99 crores. His father left behind 99 crores for Rodrik. His father gives an exclusive 10 rupee note which is the key to the treasure. And last night he gave the 10 rupee note to the rickshaw driver before he came to know about 99 crores. This story is about the pursuit of that note. In the trail of note his best friend Monti helps him. Both are trying to find the rickshaw driver, then trapped in drug dealer’s gang and finally police. Elina is Rodrik’s girlfriend, and she loves him a lot. Whether he gets that note? Whether he managed to escape from the drug dealer’s gang and police? Whether he gets the 99 crores? Whether he becomes rich? Or whether he marries her girlfriend, Elina ? All the answers will get in this novel. So please go through the link given below.

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