Benefit Fitness Studio.

Benefit Fitness Studio.

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BEneFIT Fitness Studio is an all-inclusive fitness facility. Based out of Khar (West) Mumbai, BEneFIT Fitness Studio offers fantastic facilities within an inspiring setting. It comprises of a modern gym with a combination of cardiovascular and resistance machines, amongst a host of ingenious machine-less work out options. At BEneFIT fitness studio we believe that [quote]FITNESS IS AN ESSENTIAL SPORT, NOT A CHORE![/quote]

Experience Real Fitness at its Finest within a community that cares!

Together we will:

  • Assess your current fitness level
  • Identify needs and goals
  • Make a plan
  • Draft a costomised workout programme to meet those goals
  • Execute the programme
  • Ensure that you meet the set goals
  • Hope that you incorporate the lifestyle changes suggested
  • Aim – your fitness, for life

Services offered:

Personal training:

BEneFIT studio operates as an exclusive studio for those serious about obtaining results. Personal training has been found to increase exercise adherence for longer and also provides the advantage of structured programmes for a given goal. One size no more fits all. And neither does one kind of physical training. Each body’s requirement, especially after a certain age is very different. Personal Training at BEneFIT offers tailor-made programmes to target individual needs.

Data shows 90% of the people getting results in the gym are working with a personal trainer. Working together with your very own personal trainer will get you accelerated results! Whether you are just getting started again, or want to look your best, our personal training WILL guide you to success!

Semi-personal training

Even though data shows 90% of the people getting results in the gym are working with a personal trainer, we know that not everyone can commit to personal training for financial or time restrictions. We would like to extend that graph.

The BeneStrength, BeneFuse, BenEndurance, BeneCore, BeneFlex, BeneBattle, BeneBalance, BeneGain are some result oriented, skillfully designed training programmes for small groups of 6 to 8 people..The determination of which programmes suit you best would depend on your goals and what you would choose of course, but only after a detailed interview with our Chief of Fitness.

Deadline Personal training

Want to look good for your anniversary which is in 2 months.

 Have to look lean and hard for a photo shoot.

 Need a push to keep you on track.

 Having joint problems like bad knees or a bad back, the doctors advised you to lose weight, but with your condition it seems like an impossible task.

Deadline Personal Training at BEneFIT, is handled exclusively by Our chief of Fitness. Who will work with you in setting up tight but achievable deadlines and milestones, and personally assist you through the journey. And if you fully commit to the task, don’t be surprised by what you can achieve.

Deadlines are powerful. But don’t lose your perspective; if steroids or fat burners are the crutches you’re looking at, then BEneFIT is not the place for you. At BEneFIT, the client comes first, and we would not like to compromise your health or our ethics, for the sake of gaining a client.

Rehab/Training/Therapy for the injured


An early start in fitness is like an early good investment which helps you reap the benefits all through your life. The programme is designed keeping in mind the playful nature of kids, making the programme interesting and easy to follow at the same time providing a good workout which enables the kids to have stronger bones and flexible joints, helping them to be fit and healthy all their life.

BeneKIDS Foundations 1 & 2 – (ages 5 to 8 yrs)

BeneYOUTH Foundations 1 & 2 – (ages 9 to 13 yrs)

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Are you ready to take your athleticism to the next level?

With the right training program your body composition, health, and performance will be transformed, besides securing health and fitness for life. The BEneFIT Athlete Camp includes pre/post performance testing, BEneFIT’s athlete nutritional program, as well as BEneFIT’s athletic system which is individualized for each athlete. Each workout is structured to fit the needs of athletes and individualized, where necessary, to fit the demands of their sport. Each day you get to be instructed by or chief of fitness, while exercising alongside a community of people that will encourage and inspire you!


Specialised personal / semi-personal exercise and nutrition for mums. We welcome all fitness levels and of course encourage you to bring your babies and infants to our Semi-Personal fitness sessions.

We pride ourselves on catering to all fitness levels, including those Mums with no-fitness level (from 6-12 weeks post natal onwards) with a clearance from their gynaecologist. Each BKinSHAPE Mums exercise session is conducted by a qualified trainer. Our exercise classes include a variety of cardio, resistance/strength exercises, flexibility, core stability and pelvic floor exercises.

Our classes are designed to cater to everyone; we provide options for all levels of fitness and exercise goals. Throughout the session the Trainer will provide options to individuals depending on their level of fitness and pelvic floor control. We have a unique program developed for the BKinSHAPE Mums classes. You will never be told you have to run or jump, every exercise has options suitable for every individual.

Body building for vegetarians

CHIEF OF FITNESS – Pankesh Asrani

A 100% vegetarian by choice and never the one to say impossible! Through learning and experience, today he understands and specializes in ‘body transformation’ for the vegetarian. He doesn’t say it’s easy. He says that with the right marriage of workout and nutrition- it’s possible! And has himself to show as an example! Pankesh’s love for the challenge and commitment to health and fitness, enables him to share his expertise with people with varying abilities.

Originally from Mumbai, Pankesh has been actively involved in the Fitness industry since 2000 – just short of 15 years. His 100% ‘mobile fitness training’ commenced in Bandra in 2008. Pankesh had been operating his ‘mobile fitness training’ for 5 years full time until now.

The diverse range of clientele who have benefited from Pankesh’s experience include men, women, children, teenagers, the elderly, overweight, inspired, uninspired, motivated, unmotivated overworked, injured. You name it! He’S done it! Pankesh believes in the benefits of training in a comfortable, relaxed, friendly environment and hence his labour of love : BEneFIT Fitness Studio.


The studio operates on an appointment basis only, and will generally operate from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Sundays are reserved for outdoor/indoor boot camps, as and when scheduled.


BENEFIT Fitness Studio

2nd Floor, Parmeshwari Bhavan,

14th Road, Khar West,

Mumbai 400 052.

Phone: 022 – 2648 6171 / +91 9821895000




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